Tony Topping UFO Encounters of the High Strange Kind, One of the UK’s Most Recognised TV & Radio Guests, UFO Journalist & Contactee.

Tony has been at the sharp end of the UFO encounters. He is of the appears as was Eisenhower that a nefarious UFO cover up is in place. Tony was targeted by an unknown agency with MKULTRA technology. For which there is no mental health diagnostic. He has stated that he has had personal encounters with UFO occupants.

Tony takes an unorthodox view that the storming of Area 51 is not a wise move and nothing can be achieved from it, apart from further lock down of secrecy in the information civil war that is going on. In this interview he also takes an educated guess that the possibility of foreign agencies causing trouble may also be an issue, for this Chapman Pincher gives an invaluable clue.