I Recently Filmed a UFO Over Marine Lake Southport. Friend Or Foe? It is Puzzling

UAP filmed over Marine Lake for the second time in a fortnight. 02/03/20022



In my forthcoming book I, Alien Memoirs of a UFO spy, I recall an incident of seeing an alien woman in my sleep, who certainly was not human and that was in 1997, the UFOs in the skies above relayed over the years who they were and where they come from. My art is inspired by my experiences and so far I have made some important conclusions. Here is an example was done by Steve Zartforms of what she looked like.

Tony Topping's Book I, Alien
First Incident 1997 with an alien woman.

I was at a conference in Blackpool last week when one of the speakers who is speaking in Blackpool with Lous Elizondo, uttered the mantra that we do not know what they are, in line with the current US media spin. A popular mantra was also uttered by the big boys and girls in this game. It is really the wrong mantra, and after forty years of dealing with this, I have reached my own conclusion. For whatever reason, and I think I know why, Big Lou is lying, his DIA colleagues and of course, the US Navy seem to spin this in a particular way. Perhaps it can be rephrased to “we know they are craft from advanced civilizations and also beings of an advanced nature from our oceans, yet we do not know their intention.” Being a UFO experiencer I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of all this. One thing is sure our military cannot go around with its eyes closed. I am very confident what I am filming is part of a maritime civilization, although there is a school of thinking that we are looking at a form of nature, a species of animal we have yet to understand. In the course of my journey, it is widely recognized now that there is a conscious connection to this phenomenon if it could speak what would it say, probably this…

“We are from a Parallel Universe whose planets contain oceans. And we can travel between them, we use your oceans as a base.”

“We know your oceans better than your Navy.”

And there are a couple of other things that I cannot mention in public because information about this is controlled, I can say that far from them invading they are warning, and are aware of environmental issues. Yet there are some stories that give me food for thought, this includes Operation Mainbrace and Tony Dodd with his excellent write-up about UFOs in the Atlantic. I ask them what is their intent and am I filming friend or foe. Doubtless, I will be told more.

In late September 1952, only months after a rash of “flying saucer” sightings over Washington, D.C. made headlines around the world, dozens of military officers participating in NATO exercises in the North Atlantic were struck by their own UFO fever.

Exercise Mainbrace was the largest peacetime military exercise since World War II. The war-game-style maneuvers simulated NATO’s response to a mock attack on Europe, presumably by the Soviet Union. The Mainbrace operation involved 200 ships, 1,000 planes and 80,000 soldiers from multiple NATO countries—including large deployments from the United States and the United Kingdom Click here for more information

My Friend Tony Dodd, from his book Alien Investigator. Rest in Peace Tony Dodd. A very interesting article.

Atlantic Alien Base

Source: Tony Dodd
Outline from his book ‘Alien Investigator’

Here’s a summary of events outlined by UK researcher Tony Dodd in his recent work, ‘Alien Investigator’ (Headline Books, highly recommended) as regards activity in the North Atlantic, including unreported (‘suppressed’ would perhaps be a more accurate term) sightings in Iceland.

Iceland, rich in folklore, has its own history of UFO incidents. Small creatures have been reported on the Snaefellsjokull glacier, where residents leave food out for the ‘little grey people’ who ‘live under the glacier’

Winter 1992 was a very active year for sightings in North Scotland, with hundreds of witnesses reporting unidentified light forms and strange shapes. During this period one incident was reported in the National Press, that on 20 December a UFO was tracked on radar near the Orkney Islands, and a fighter scrambled to intercept it. It was reported from Dodd’s source that the plane and the UFO merged on the radar screen and radio contact was lost, a repeat of a Foxtrot 94 event.

A search and rescue plane took off and eventually identified the missing aircraft in an isolated spot in the Orkneys. The plane was in one piece, with the pilot missing, yet a controlled landing in this area was deemed impossible.

During the course of Dodd’s inquiries, information was received from a Naval source to the effect that three large UFOs had been tracked coming down into the Sea off the east coast of Iceland near Langeness. This sighting was also tracked on radar and confirmed by other witnesses. Subsequently, a fast-moving underwater craft with flashing colored lights was reported, apparently tracked by a glowing object in the sky that was traveling South towards Scotland. These submarine objects caused extensive damage to the trawl nets of fishing boats; patrol boats from the National Icelandic Coast Guard were dispatched to the area.

23rd December: two gun boats from the Icelandic Navy plus a coastguard vessel showed up, ostensibly for ‘observation’. The crew were not told why. They were joined by a fleet of Navy warships (including British) officially on an ‘exercise’ around Christmas. Newspapers reported that large underwater craft were being tracked – speculation abounded that it might be Russian.

According to Dodd’s source, four more UFOs were tracked coming down into the sea in the same quadrant, and the fast-moving underwater craft were again reported. At this time an American ship was reported missing. During the NATO search, one of the British submarines unaccountably lost power and hit the sea-bed; power subsequently came back on and the sub resumed operations.

12th January: weather conditions worsen, forcing the smaller Icelandic vessels to run for cover in the Langeness Fjord, where they stayed for three weeks.

At this time Icelandic radio broadcasted reports of large UFOs over the mountains in the east, while residents reported seeing small figures around the ice of the Fjord, during the appalling weather conditions.

25th February: An American Flotilla of three destroyers within the Arctic circle warned all other vessels not to approach within three nautical miles. Outside the exclusion zone, radar picked up sixteen airborne contacts with the American fleet. These were seen as bright amber lights descending from the sky, in conditions too bad to permit helicopters. The lights hovered above the U.S. vessels then sped away, fast.

In March, an Icelandic Airlines plane en route to Reykjavik from London was tailed by two balls of white light from North Scotland, according to passengers and crew.

In April, two Icelandic fishing boats went missing. Search crews reported white tubular-shaped lights hovering over their boats. Radios went dead, resumed when the lights moved off. All the seamen involved were warned not to report what they had seen.

15th April: only two American destroyers remained in the area; other vessels were again ordered to search for the missing warship. The names of the remaining ships were blacked out, and the crew was observed wearing full battle dresses. Once again, the order was given for all civilian ships, including fishing boats, to remain at a distance of three nautical miles.

A colleague of Dodd’s approached the Office of Naval Intelligence to inquire about the Iceland activity. The woman intelligence officer concerned jokingly dismissed the reports of underwater craft as rubbish. However, the same officer later rang back with a much more strident, aggressive tone, demanding to know where the information had come from.

At this point, Dodd’s ship-to-shore contact with the flotilla ended and resumed when the contact arrived on shore. He was told that there had been a huge clampdown on calls after the information leak.

Mid-April: Russian naval vessels joined the remaining ships in the North Atlantic; these appeared with the NATO ships, covering the mouth of the Barents Sea. A message between two Russian vessels was intercepted and reportedly said: ‘We are engaging unknown underwater craft’.

Meanwhile, British newspapers reported ‘Joint American and Russian Military Exercises About To Take Place’.

Dodd learned from a highly placed American source that a team of remote viewers, working for the US Defense Department, were being asked to assist in trying to find the missing warship. They determined that it was the Sea Shadow, a newly developed ‘Stealth Ship’ and had been towing a barge loaded with advanced surveillance equipment, for the purpose of monitoring underwater mining operations carried out by extraterrestrials. They could not conclude how the ship had disappeared. Significantly, there are known to be deposits of naturally radioactive material in this area.

After further inquiries, Dodd established direct contact with several fishermen, who have been reporting large black triangles as big as football pitches speeding underwater, surrounded by colored lights. These are seasoned sailors, familiar with Russian and UN submarine patrols.

A source inside Icelandic Airlines has reported that since 1993 there have been incidents where circular objects attached themselves to planes. One pilot nearly ditched into the sea trying to shake off two of them, one on each wing.

A report from a member of the Royal Norwegian Air Force was received about an incident that occurred at 7:15 am on 9 December in North Norway. A large horizontal flame appeared in the sky above Bardufoss, determined not to be caused by normal atmospheric phenomena or meteor activity. No sound was present during this event, nothing picked up on the radar, and no official explanation.

Sightings in the North Atlantic continued to proliferate in clusters, usually of large black triangular objects, with several uneventful weeks in between sightings.

7:30 pm, Monday 12 February 1996: A ship-to-shore call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Strait, off the West Coast of Iceland. The caller stated that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. During the call the transmission was cut off, and after resuming, the caller said that all the electronics on the boat had suddenly failed. He and his crew had seen the object move away from the boat and descend into the sea. Power resumed after the object had gone.

Six days later at 9 pm, another call came from a fishing vessel. The terrified caller reported that three large triangular black objects, accompanied by three independent balls of red light, had emerged from the sea and were hovering silently close to their boats. Asked if they were being tracked on radar, the crewman said no, but the radar was irrelevant since the whole crew was on deck watching them. They were black, with small lights visible on the outline… Again, the phone cut out, and later it was ascertained that the objects had vanished into the sea.

The next day, another fishing boat crew observed a gigantic sphere hovering in the air not far from the boat, which slowly moved away and dived into the sea. An hour later, another phone call from the same boat:

‘There are now six large fluorescent-tube-like objects hovering in the air close to our position. They are a blue colour and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don’t like this at all.’

Two months later, at 10:55 pm one evening, he was contacted by a ship fishing 200 miles southwest of the Icelandic coast. The caller said:

‘You are not going to believe what we have just seen. We were fishing fairly close to a group of American warships and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and one of the warships just disappeared in front of our eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you it happened a short time ago. Soon after this an American boat came over and ordered us and other fishing boats to leave the area immediately.

‘Our captain was happy to go. He told us to get the boat out of the area as quickly as possible and return to our base in Iceland. We are now underway for Iceland. This incident has upset us all, but particularly the Captain. He is in his cabin with a large bottle of whisky.’

As before, the occurrence of missing ships was denied by the authorities. Dodd wondered how this sort of thing could be kept quite, when anxious families might ask awkward questions? he was assured by his well-placed contacts that silencing families poses little problem where pensions and other support systems can be undermined. Alternatively, it was considered that the US Navy could have been testing a high-tech masking device.

Reports continued to trickle in through the summer of 1996, mainly strange lights and objects not trackable on radar; airwaves picked up by one researcher from RAF and commercial planes determined that something persistently unusual was going on.

In the autumn, there was a major UFO flap over East Anglia. A red and green rotating light was seen in the sky over the sea, south-east of Skegness. Among the witnesses: a local policeman, a ship crew, a passenger aircraft in the vicinity, coastguard officials, and local residents. This object was detected on radar.

Here’s a transcript of messages recorded at Yarmouth Coastguard HQ, starting at 3:14 am with a message from Skegness Police:

03:24 Skegness Police: We can see a strange red and green rotating light in the sky directly south-east from Skegness. It looks as if it is stationary and there is no aircraft sound in the area.

03.26 RAF Kinloss (Scotland): [RAF] Northwood has a radar contact bearing 221 degrees at sixteen miles. It looks to be stationary and there is no way of determining its height, but it must be quite a size if it can be seen from Skegness.

03.46 Conocoast (oil) tanker (at sea): We have these lights on visual. Now they are flashing red, green, and white. Cannot identify as an aircraft as it looks stationary and it is approximately one mile high.

Yarmouth Coastguard: Did you see from which direction it appeared?

Conocoast: No, it just appeared and is stationary.

03.53 RAF Kinloss: [RAF] Neatishead says it could be caused by the weather.

Yarmouth Coastguard: I don’t think so as we have visual contact.

RAF Kinloss: Well, [RAF) Neatishead and [RAF] Northwood report that there is no transponder on this object and therefore no means of interrogation. It is obvious that whatever it does not want anyone to know that it is there. Also [RAF] Neatishead report its position directly over Boston [Lincolnshire].

04.08 Conocoast: It is still stationary and flashing red, green, blue, and white. It looks very high, north of us, there is no engine noise.

04.17 Yarmouth Coastguard: Skegness, can you get video footage as the RAF are very interested and may require it later.

04.27 RAF Kinloss: [RAF] Neatishead is keeping a log of what looks like clutter on the radar.

04.45 Yarmouth Coastguard: Conocoast, can you give us an update?

Conocoast: We can see two lights flashing, green and red.

05.01 Yarmouth Coastguard: Give us the bearings of the two lights.

Conocoast: There is one stationary light at 345 degrees true and the other is at 160 degrees true. The lights are both visible with the naked eye and both exhibit the same characteristics flashing red, blue, green and white.

05.17 Boston Police: We can still see the light, it is towards south-east and seems about forty to forty-five degrees in the sky. It is just a bright light to us.

05.21 RAF Kinloss: [RAF] Neatishead are running a trace on this and cannot explain it. If they are helicopters they are fast approaching the end of their endurance as it is well over two hours since the first report let alone how long they were up there before they were actually sighted.

05.52 Conocoast: We can still see the lights and they are on the original bearings and flashing the same colours but they seem higher and dimmer.

07.08 Flight-Lieutenant McFarlane, RAF Neatishead: We had a report from [RAF] Northwood that a civil flight had also reported strange lights in the area. They ft exactly what was seen from the ground, multicolored, flashing, stationary lights.

07.31 Flight-Lieutenant George, RAF Northwood: This echo is still on our screens and we cannot explain this at all apart from it being a meteorological phenomenon but then again we have visual sightings also. The civilian flight that reported these lights as a flare was six miles away at the time. All very strange.

11.09 RAF Neatishead: The object has still not moved, the London Radar and [RAF) Waddington can also see it.

19.20 Anglia Radar: There is nothing there now, we are of the opinion that it was Boston Stump.

Flight-Lieutenant Sweatman of RAF Neatishead later commented to the local press: `We have not been able to offer an explanation. The number of independent reports we have had suggests there is something to follow up. We will be investigating thoroughly.’

Ministry of Defence spokesman Nigel Sergeant said: `We are trying to prove that it does not represent any sort of security threat and that it was not an aggressive intrusion into our airspace. This is one of the bigger sightings recently, and has caused quite a bit of interest.’

Boston Stump is a church spire not visible out at sea where the tanker was. Church spires do not normally leap a mile into the air and flash three different colours plus white… the second explanation given was lightning from a storm at sea, but lightning is not multicolored, and the sky was clear with visibility at twenty miles. While the official MOD statement was to the effect that it did not represent a threat to National Security, an order went out from senior military commanders NOT to scramble planes to intercept the UFO… so, if they hadn’t intercepted it, just how would they determine whether or not it was a threat?

Second event that Autumn: North of the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, 27 October 1996. Reports of an explosion, followed by burning debris falling into the sea.

Huge air/sea rescue operation launched, at a cost of approx. £200,000, yet no recovery was officially reported.

Dodd’s contact this time had access to information from RAF Kinloss station; there, the first reports were received at 5 pm on Sunday 27 October. An alert was issued to coast guards and other vessels in the area, of the following:

‘Something seen spiraling into the sea, possibly larger than a helicopter.

Two lifeboats were launched. An airborne RAF Nimrod had to be called off the search due to poor visibility; search resumed early next day.

At 8 am a situation report from the NIMROD was illegible, but Kinloss’ reply went thus: ‘Confirm…six feet long and three feet in diameter.’

Officially, in response to journalists, it was stated that nothing was seen or retrieved.

One week later: a ‘routine training exercise’ consisting of THIRTY-TWO surface warships, SEVEN submarines and EIGHTY aircraft. Routine? erm, yeah, sounds pretty routine to me……… 🙂

All quiet for several months, then in 1997 a mass of UFO reports blitz Iceland. Civilians, aircrew, fishermen and Naval personnel all reported a cluster of lights in the sky. On Monday, 20th January, all flights attempting to land or take off from Keflavik Airport were delayed because of UFO activity in civilian air corridors.

Greenland, Dec 1997. A giant flash lit up the sky at 5 am on the 9th, reported by 3 fishing crews, and a car park security video at Nuuk, west coast of Greenland. Fisherman Bjorn Ericksonn described the flash thus:

I have never seen so strong light in the middle of the night. In the strongest part of the light there looked like a circle that was burning.’

Experts classified it as a meteorite. However, Danish Air Force planes could not locate a crater. Rapidly falling snow and ice was given as the reason why the crater was not detected. However, Dodd received a report contradicting this line; a forign politician contacted him to say it was an alien spacecraft, and that it came in for a controlled landing, which the Americans were expecting. A further landing apparently took place six days later at Jan Meyern Island, with another UFO coming down the next day, 17th Dec, at Eglinton Island, off the Canadian North Coast. At Keflavik during this period, American troop activity intensified at the USAF base.

April 1998: The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail report a giant UFO being chased across the North Sea by both British and Dutch jet fighters. The RAF radar station at Fylingdales reportedly described the UFO as over 900 feet long, or ‘as big as a battleship’ This report was subsequently debunked, discredited, and denied in a customary manner. No date was given for the encounter, however, several witneses in Ireland saw a large UFO on the night of 28th February. Researchers in the Netherlands researching the involvement of the Dutch Air Force have come up against a stone wall in their inquiries; previously helpful sources remained tight-lipped.

In 1997 a friend of Dodd’s living in Hampstead received a registered letter. The note requested urgently that he go to a foreign embassy in order to meet a named diplomat. Following Dodd’s advice, the individual went. The diplomat wanted to know why he and I had concluded that there was alien activity in the North Atlantic. Taken aback by the directness of the question, he explained that we had some evidence, but also a strong intuition about it.

After a short hesitation, the diplomat confirmed that our instincts were right. He said that he had personally attended meetings with alien beings, along with other politicians from several countries, as well as military leaders. He had been present, he said, when a couple of aliens had specifically said that they wanted to meet me and my colleague. This was the only reason, he said, that he was talking to my friend. The meeting, he said, would probably take place in America. He warned that we should be ready to fly at twenty-four hours’ notice.

Dodd’s initial reaction was that it sounded absurd, yet with the information he already possessed, he was ready to keep an open mind. At a subsequent meeting with the diplomat, my friend was told that the Americans, whom the diplomat described as ‘the big boys, had vetoed the inclusion of civilians, unless with top-security clearance, in any of the meetings. The diplomat, thinking that he had been betrayed, agreed to cooperate in furnishing proof that these meetings took place.

One reason driving him was the expressed wish of the aliens to meet with them. It was more convenient for the diplomat to meet Dodd’s friend, in London, rather than him, so at one of these meetings, he brought a package of photographs. One showed one of the ‘greys’, the grey aliens with the almond-shaped eyes (the ones responsible for human abductions), on board a warship in the North Atlantic with US military officers. Yet his friend pointed out that it was not the replica of the ‘classic’ alien that we are used to; the body was the same, but the facial features were different. Another photo showed a UFO on the ground at a USAF base, with aircraft in the background and a group of three or four greys in front of the craft, talking to USAF officers.

Yet another showed a different kind of alien, with a reptilian head and a powerful body, two legs and two arms. Its height was estimated at over seven feet. The ambassador said that this was an aggressive type of alien, but highly intelligent and dangerous. The word ‘fearsome’ was used to describe it.

At a later contact, the diplomat told of known underground bases in the remote desert areas of the USA where the reptilians live, watched carefully. One such surveillance team was attacked by them in the spring of 1998, and twenty soldiers were killed or wounded, therefore such surveillance is now carried out at a safe distance.

Another type of alien was discussed with dark skin and an oriental look, who are apparently the most friendly of all; they exude a feeling of calm. These wish to warn us about the activity of the predatory reptilians, who are responsible for mutilations. The greys abduct people and animals for medical research.

Photographs were promised; however, within days of this meeting, Dodd’s friend got a knock on his door from a man and a woman who asked if he had received anything from the diplomat. He said no, and was told that he was being monitored and that he should be very careful.

Agonizing over what to do next, Dodd was pre-empted by the sudden recall of the diplomat, which necessitated a handover of the photographs on that day, 27th October 1997. They met in Hampstead and then began the chase described elsewhere in the book……






Movement of Alien Forces in the Sky Above.

I Alien The Biography of Tony Topping
I, Alien The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma. Tony Topping’s forthcoming book.


 “Like  an observational telescope in the psychic information matrix I appeared to be press ganged into a world I did not understand, that in someway has also been triggered by me in a way beyond my own consciousness. And so I, Alien is my autobiography and known to have been written before I even wrote it and that is a strange paradox. The digital art within it is inspired by the UFOs and the Chronicle element a diary from 2008 onwards details my part in an operation I call SCOVS. An advanced communication network and it is staggering to note the foundations to this goal have began” #IALIEN.

Insights from Beyond the Mainstream UAP Assessment

The recent Pentagon report from the stand point of  my forty year odyssey of contact with UFOs is a a cover up, the bizarre and strangely shocking mantra of “we do not know what they are” raises more questions than it answers. I was expecting the first line of disclosure about aliens to be led by the US Navy, to perhaps up the standard and disclose forms of life in our oceans that we do not understand. But I remain disappointed, and believe me when I say I am bitterly disappointed in all I have observed with the good the bad and the ugly. Dr Steven Greer indicates that the beings around us are evolved and not hostile. This based on my experiences requires deeper investigation. And it appears even the heads of out intel agencies and key management in the military are somehow mysteriously shut out of the information loop. Project Condign investigated the UAP phenomena and is a very interesting read, carried out by UK DI55 and it’s author now elderly does not want the limelight. In this article which is about my observation of those behind the UFOs  I would like to shed some further light on the mysterious phenomena on the prowl in the skies above.

The Nimitz Carrier Group Tic Tac incident had put the US Navy on alert as the UFO flew near it’s ships, it was the Russians or the Chinese was the cry. In fact Russia has done it’s own UAP study, the French did one, the Canadians and so on. What they did not tell you is that they are aware that some of this phenomena is visitation from elsewhere and they would like that kept quite. That causes a problem, a paradox that actually denies these nations information. Perhaps it is information on UFOs that they do not wish the Chinese or Russians to have. Everyone talks of disclosure in a way that is full of hot air, but there issues even I cannot speak of, the question must be asked who is telling the world they cannot reveal we have visitors from elsewhere. This is the cause of a flash point among alien forces in the skies above where denial is the policy nobody dare call it alien.

What is the purpose of these visits, Dr Greer is partly correct there are evolved visitors from elsewhere coming to earth, but within the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects or Black Projects those who have experiences with UFOs and aliens are targeted with advanced mind invasive technology making their lives hell. The alien abduction scenario also has a non human element too it and this causes a conflict within the ranks of those from the skies above. Contactees are being told to keep quiet about what they have witnessed. It is corrupt and the US government should be ashamed of itself having faced down tyranny at the end of WW11 they let it in via the back door in the desperate race to obtain high tech. There are strict security protocols in place regarding such liaisons. And so I talk of a flashpoint and the setting of a foundation towards human beings taking their place in a wider galactic community. I speak as a type of insider or covert witness on these matters and it is not a peaceful path to walk.

In the past those who were contactees were monitored by the FBI for communist sympathies, take Adamski or Billy Meier as those proclaiming contact with aliens. Nowadays in the modern world the unwritten law of thou shall not have contact is written. But who formed this law, I can assess it was not human, in other words an alien force controls what humanity sees of them and controls disclosure. The rumours abound on the internet of a fake alien invasion however this cannot happen and the question might be asked why. I have perhaps written the annexe Project Condign did not have humorously it could be called Movement of Alien Forces in UK ADR.

let us clarify the alien invasion scenario being played to us, an alien force however entrenched it is upon human affairs cannot cause an invasion without other ET groups observing there is a wider galactic community in the skies above, although it is denied. Such a wider galactic community observes human affairs and would observe any movement by an unlawful alien force. This means we have a small percentage that may not be friendly to mankind and it is opposed by a higher evolved alien mindset. The parties could then be divided into for example alien Russia and alien NATO, in my forthcoming book explain how Nordics the tall blonde blue eyed ET appear to be like a police force and police other alien factions. Straight out of science fiction I know but the truth is stranger than fiction. This bizarre stand off among the ET appears to be like a bar fight spilling into the street. It became apparent that both alien parties find a conflict between them as having no point meanwhile the alarming sabre rattling with Russia and NATO continues.

Art of I Alien
My digital art is inspired by my interaction with UFOs.
Aliens warn of conflict the symbolic vision I saw in 2014. Art by Lloyd Canning.

In 2014 I had an incident, a spectacular vision delivered from the skies above which was a warning given by those from the UFOs regarding a conflict, back then it was the Ukraine that was causing tensions luckily the Russians backed away. Ukraine surfaced again, but once again Russia stood down, Russia and it’s paranormal warfare unit may have seen the mayhem from such actions coming. Russia has it’s own story to tell regarding contact with aliens under it’s Directorate of Special Abilities led by the paranormal spy master General Savin.  I am not their biggest fan when I see actions conducted by them on my nations soil, what is interesting is how the unit understood very clearly from it’s own contact experiences how aliens perceive mankind. Mankind owes nothing to anyone and is independent in the universe, according to Boris Ratnikov the head of the Mental Security Unit designed to protect Boris Yeltsin.

I became aware of the unit via the American psychic spy 01 Joseph McMoneagle who guided me to his Russian opposite number and it appears  from documents I have seen that quite a liaison occurred with Joe visiting the Russian unit and comparing notes with them, General Savin was very complimentary on Joe’s abilities and they had learnt a lot from him.

Thus as they turned the psychic telescopes to the universe what did both the Russian and American units see. General Savin’s well educated and highly intelligent Special Abilities Unit will have perhaps seen a time line of chaos in the paranormal realm, and if they are aware as I am as to where this leads, then to allow such conflict to happen is a dis-service to all mankind, I ask is that what we want, cities in Europe reduced to ruins. Lives lost and as the Nordic ET group said too me “there are no winners in war.” And so I write this article with a sadness that such a marvellous knowledge system of understanding of the hidden realms around mankind developed by the Russians could end at the press of the nuclear button, gone forever that is how close to the brink humanity is, yet the work of this unit seemed to understand the struggle mankind faces to place it self as an evolved civilisation in the universe.

As I am a known Exceptional Human Experiencer or EHE,

In the studying of some of the CIA material I came across the term Exceptional Human Experiencer or EHE defined as an “umbrella term for anomalous experiences that transform the individual who has them so that they are engaged in a process of realizing their full human potential,

“Anomalous experiences are customarily treated as one-time events. Those who take an interest in them usually examine all the data they can gather concerning the event/experience itself and any relevant circumstances that seem to lead up to it. Very little attention is given to the experience/event’s aftereffects or its subjective qualities. In our approach, we start with the experience, including any predisposing factors and triggers. Then we take a close look not only at the objectively verifiable components and the anomalous ones, but also the physical, physiological, feeling, psychological, and spiritual components. Because of their importance, our main concern has become the aftereffects. If an experience does not have any lasting effect on the experiencer, it remains simply an anomaly, and so can be viewed objectively as a one-time happening, now finished. However, some anomalous experiences become personalized. They become part of the experiencer’s life. They have become exceptional experiences (EEs). These, in turn, can initiate a process that has ongoing transformative aftereffects. Then the experience becomes an exceptional human experience (EHE).” Source: https://tinyurl.com/pxbs2kvs

I contacted the former directorate as a known EHE and the reply regarding aliens was to open my heart to them they will respond and as I write in my forthcoming book I, Alien they did. In fact I was caught up in quite an advanced paranormal operation not ruled by the restrictions of time that I call SCOVS or Special Contact Operation Very See.

The Chronicles in my book I, Alien detailing my daily suffering in some type of operation sang unbeknown too me at the time, of a secret operation involving intelligence gathering like no other across some type of biologically intelligent network which had elements biblical, supernatural and UFO all moving as a packet of giant information across time and space and I was an interface. and if time is an observer, a foundation cross a time span of one hundred and fifty years before a scientific liaison between democratic governments and star nations will take place.

The Special Abilities Directorate uses women as Remote Viewers or Information Channel Operators, because of their better intuition than men  Thus the view of the Directorate regarding a liaison with aliens, reads like this.

“The group of women made the most significant progress in the research. Savin explained that they “wanted to make a contact with representatives of other civilizations. And we did it.” According to him, a special method has been developed that allowed the human brain to tune into a contact. “We had to tune energy-contour of the human brain to a particular wave, like a radio,” Alexey Savin explained.

“No hypnosis, drugs, or other similar methods were used in the course of the experiment. A special system of testing was also developed to separate the incoming reports from hallucinations and insanity of the experiment participants. The experimental results were impressive: six participants were given a chance of physical contact, and two of them even managed to visit an alien ship. According to Savin, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations revealed themselves gradually, giving away the information as they saw fit.

In particular, they talked about their government structure and education system. No information on the military could be obtained. The only thing they agreed to share was a scheme of the equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The head of the experiment explained that humans were like small children to them. “Our civilization is too young to be of interest to them as a subject for a dialogue. Because we are also a part of the universe, we may harm ourselves and other civilizations with our foolish actions, so they are looking out for us. “

But remember the mantra “we do not know what they are.”

Anonymous MOD source also said.

“Working in MOD I had access to all kinds of insight data and when my unit was conducting investigations I would speak to office and obtain the radar data, I could speak to witnesses and observatories. I could conduct all kinds of checks that civilian UFO researchers were unable to do. I was convinced by the shear weight of evidence and the sightings that some of the things we see in the skies and call UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin. Craft of some kind, not all, as some had conventional explanations, after rigorous investigation we found five or ten percent defied any scientific explanation, and those ones, yes it looked as if they maybe craft from elsewhere. Some Colleagues say it might be a recon operation by them, there is no open outright contact, which suggest they might be keeping hidden (actually it a slow approach to liaison.) The evidence is undeniable, it is absolutely clear that structure craft continue to penetrate the UK ADR. We have scrambled aircraft and it appears we cannot absolutely say what these things are given they are penetrating our air defence we have to say there is a potential threat. ”

And so I bring to the party an opinion on the direction these UFO events are leading us to. Below is an actual UAP I have filmed over the years it has been many and there have been three distinct incidents where they have gone near radio antennas.

Mysterious non man made craft illuminates TV antenna which caused attention from unexpected quarters.

Second image right note illumination of TV antenna.

First major UFO incident for me in 1999 confirmed as not a manmade craft.

UFO morphs itself and flies through my ham radio antenna.

Once again taken a few years ago UAP flies near my ham radio antenna.

And so the theme over the years when I lived in Yorkshire is flying near antennas and it is I believe not a threat but a warning and a open hailing frequency gesture like out of Star Trek the UAP is hinting at communication, below is another UAP flying over me and with my insights I designed a mock up cockpit for it.

And this is where I express my opinion on what is happening. It is of note that the UAP that appeared near the Nimitz group were opening communication channels , the UFOs were perhaps capable of giving the ships a hard time tactically but that did not occur, this communicate of we want to talk is once again hinted at by the Tic Tac UFO I have filmed, I believe they are part of a maritime civilisation that uses the seas of earth and oceans upon other planets, they are making attempts at communication outside of any controlling mechanism and there is a possible alien Cold War among them. Because the US has perceived them as a threat and it is common sense to proceed in this way, we must also note how this great military nation has ring fenced itself. For example in the UAP I recently filmed one must ask how does it’s propulsion mechanism and navigation systems work, as the aliens have also said the data transfer technologies they use could revolutionise mankind and so as the US and UK military agencies observe this phenomena we must ask if a perception of them being wholly a threat is beneficial for technological understanding should it be jaw jaw is better than war war,  as the US prepares like Star Fleet to enter a Galactic Federation, set your phasers to stun and go forward in peace. As the ET observes it appears we have developed incredible weapon systems but cannot save our planet from the rising oceans. Therefore are UFOs not a threat but a warning that is the question.


Tony Topping’s Alien Encounter Experience For World UFO Day

Art of I Alien
Tony Topping’s digital art is inspired by his interaction with UFOs.

I am a contact experiencer and have been on the frontline of the UFO phenomena for a number of years in a world of denial and threat of global war I have seen beyond this mad world, that we are not alone and so for World UFO Day I thought I would share a story from my forthcoming book I, Alien: The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma. I own the experience that happened to me, I will never forget her, and then one may ask who is her.? She is someone not of this earth and we as a collective humanity are being lied to. The big issue of course is that UFOs are a threat and that we do not know what they are. That is the mantra and a curious lie it is. For the US government and UK government reached sobering conclusions that earth has been visited by aliens for a long time and a curious law is evoked that if you are the man in the street contact with aliens is illegal. The question is who is saying it is illegal and who decides that UFOs are a threat and what is to be disclosed to humanity. For it is true that in the enforced truth embargo the elephant in the room towards Disclosure is alien. The information from the US reference UAP is not new, the UK DI55 knew this a number of years ago under Project Condign. In the 1960s and 50s, Contactees were all the rage, from Adamski to Van Tassel. Yet the modern contactee of today suffers an onslaught like no other and part of it is alien. What I am proposing is an alien force controls what mankind knows of them from behind the scenes and the contact experiencer, those of us who have had communication with this phenomena quickly learn that some of these alien visitors are evolved. We appear to want Disclosure yet the manifestation of a war with Russia or China is equally apparent and we are being warned by those in the UFOs and so the question arises when is the UFO threat actually a warning to the governments of our world.

For it is apparent and insane that they would sooner have a third war than tell the truth of what is truly going on behind the scenes let me then in celebrating World UFO Day reflect on one of many contact experiences with those from the skies above who are evolved spiritually and mentally my interaction spans over 40 years and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I went through a time in my life of being mentally broken, my forthcoming book also sheds light on a childhood in 80s Britain that was like living in slum conditions. My mother developed dementia a horrendous condition and at 3 am when there was nobody else there to change her, I would do that and lift her out of the bed and put her back into a fresh bed and I was the loneliest man in the world, the UFOs were never far away and my mother lost the battle to the illness in 2018, in that year I also lost the house I lived in. This is a common problem for carers losing loved ones. It was also at that time that I had a hernia problem that was causing some concern and it needed to be removed, and so I had to move house, cope with my loss and have major hernia surgery all in the same year. The other factor to bring in is that it is known although never discussed that some of us who have hac such experiences with UFOs are mysteriously targeted by what is termed Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, some of the harassment is high tech and mind invasive but that is another discussion for with it being World UFO Day I want to acknowledge the woman who saved my sanity after such a harrowing ordeal.

I moved to Southport here in the UK and moved into a flat, I was very lucky the church in Southport had found me somewhere near the Marine Lake I recall cracking up and crying in front of the staff as it was such a relief to find somewhere after the stress of bereavement and possible looming homeless problem. I had my hernia surgery and there were interactions with the UFOs around that, which I describe in my book. But I want to thank that special lady who is not human, who flew over the lake in her craft to help me. I know, it sounds wacko but it is my experience, it will never be taken away from me and so my experiences are about breaking mental barriers and becoming a better man and I have earned my green beret.

My life was in chaos I had lost my mother who I cared for, I had been operated on and was suffering bizarre symptoms of mental exhaustion, wherein the afternoons I would be flat on my back with no energy. I was a broken man and the clandestine activities of the UFOs I had witnessed gave me no peace. It was with that in mind that I contacted a fellow experiencer in the US and explained my story. This lady wishes to remain anonymous as it is not sometimes safe for contact experiencers. I indicated to her the onslaught that I faced, the paranormal activity generated by the UFOs, and the subsequent paranormal recoil were causing me havoc. She replied she would speak to those ET she was in communication with and that is when an intervention occurred like no other.

An accurate example of the UFO that appeared over the Marine Lake Southport.

On a typical afternoon of utter dispair I wandered to the Marine Lake and sat in exhaustion and contemplation over all that had happened, I looked up and noted the appearance of a triangle craft with three pink lights on it, there for a few seconds and gone. In the distance was a very bright light that seemed to move from left to right, it was about 3 pm and it happened very quickly. I felt the exhaustion lift from me and after this incident, it did not return, in the weeks and years ahead I would reach some very different conclusions about UFOs different from the media spin and my assessment is I believe correct and so the exhaustion stopped and I was left in wonder as to how my friend who was a contact experiencer may have triggered this event. I have been involved in this subject for a very long time and the reality is contact operations with UFOs will happen. But let me continue with this story, for history’s sake if nothing else. Having had the exhaustion lifted from me I was greatly puzzled as to what I had witnessed, who was behind the Marine Lake UFO.

The Marine Lake UFO. An example.

It was during the taking of an afternoon nap that I was greeted by a most astounding sight as I slept, of a woman who did not look human and was certainly alien, yet had human characteristics, a blend of human and alien looked at me, green skin, bald head and yet exuding a most beautiful radiant energy, she indicated that although her people had advanced technology we may not see or hear all that goes on, and it appeared that even though I had UFO interactions spanning years, this was the first time her people had heard of my continual ordeal, she indicated that she would be observing events. I cannot even put into words her grace and intelligence. But it proved one thing that we are not alone and we are being lied to regarding the issue of UFOs being a threat. The threat issue is a very complex picture and if I was briefing our key decision-makers I would speak of the cold war among aliens, of certain human elements being misled by ET in the acquisition of technology, and of an open invite for humanity to take its place in the galactic community. Instead, when it comes to aliens and the most prized secrets about them a certain government took a wrong turn and bought a UFO from alien salesmen they did not know in return for the technology they paid the price ever since and so should the US take a courageous step to open hailing frequencies and talk to the aliens, humanity may discover more. Diplomacy and not war in the wider galactic community makes sense.

As for my alien friend who identified herself as being from Arcturus I will never forget her, and she is present out there part of a universal sisterhood, and here is the kicker as we rise above the lie that is being told. You could place her on any TV daytime chat show and she will tell you of her world and what it’s like to be a mother, just like being a mother on earth, for a monumental lie is being told about this and we think it is for our protection, yet it is not, it is to cover up an unspeakable truth. And what is that truth, as a contact experiencer it has to remain unspeakable and so on World UFO Day I remember her and the others who have steered me away from a certain fate.

Actual UAP Filmed Near Marine Lake Southport.

Broadcaster, Author, and researcher Tony Topping films a UFO near his home and it is his alien encounters that inspired the digital art for his forthcoming book in June I, Alien: The Mystery of the UFO Enigma. The footage shows Tony filming the noiseless UFO followed by an artistic interpretation of what the cockpit of the craft may look like there are many interesting images inspired by alien contact for his new book. Tony says “I expect more to be filmed in the Marine Lake area, and to celebrate an earlier UFO contact at the Marine Lake involving a triangle UFO with three pink lights, we are using a 3d printer to create a working model of the contact experience, at a time in my life when I lost my mother to dementia, had to move house and have major all in the same year. His book is an autobiography of leading a clandestine life revolving around the UFO phenomena and is going to be quite a shocking read as Tony writes of his involvement in an operation called Special Contact Operation Very See that forms part of any advanced communication network between an earth agency and aliens

I Alien The Biography of Tony Topping
I, Alien The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma.






Broadcaster & Author Makes Extraordinary Digital Art of Cockpit After Filming a UFO

Broadcaster, Author, and researcher Tony Topping films a UFO near his home and it is his alien encounters that inspired the digital art for his forthcoming book in June I, Alien: The Mystery of the UFO Enigma. The footage shows Tony filming the noiseless UFO followed by an artistic interpretation of what the cockpit of the craft may look like there are many interesting images inspired by alien contact for his new book. Tony says “I expect more to be filmed in the Marine Lake area, and to celebrate an earlier UFO contact at the Marine Lake involving a triangle UFO with three pink lights, we are using a 3d printer to create a working model of the contact experience, at a time in my life when I lost my mother to dementia, had to move house and have major all in the same year. His book is an autobiography of leading a clandestine life revolving around the UFO phenomena and is going to be quite a shocking read as Tony writes of his involvement in an operation called Special Contact Operation Very See that forms part of any advanced communication network between an earth agency and aliens. http://www.tonytoppingufos.com

Tony Topping Appears On Talk Radio To Discuss Latest Pentagon UFO Release

The Pentagon has confirmed that a set of images and videos showing unidentified flying objects buzzing over Navy warships off the coast of California in 2019 ‘were taken’ by branch personnel. The photos were leaked from a Pentagon investigation of UFOs by the UAP Task Force, which has been gathering evidence for a report for Congress that’s due in June, according to Mystery Wire. The images, which were obtained by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, show unidentified objects flying above four US destroyers, including the USS Kidd Navy destroyer, in 2019.

Tony comments “there are cleary two divided camps regarding release of information by elements of the military that know what the UAP are, versus the military that are shut out of the information loop, I do wonder if the Navy stumbled across a type of maritime base used by the ET behind the UFOs. I think that the US Navy being the lead agency in all this may move towards suggestions that life similair to mankind occupies our oceans it is close to the Abyss movie than we will ever know. After forty years of dealing with this I am distrubed by the alien invasion media spin. The US military are very smart and I suggest they must open hailing frequencies to them. So we may learn. These Tic Tac UFOs are under control by visitors from other worlds and perhaps their data transfer systems may be of help to us. It is a case of jaw,jaw and not war, war with them in my humble opinion.”

This unorthodox opinion forms part Tony’s UFO contact story written about in his forthcoming book I,Alien The Secret UFO Chronicles, his biography of an extraordinary life dealing with UFOs.

Tony Topping's New Book I,Alien
The forthcoming book I, Alien a masterpiece of a read.

Tony Topping’s Latest News: His New Book & Film Project Plus New Podcast Alien Confidential.

Tony Topping UFOs & ET Contact

Imagine the scene if you can, a ten year old boy who is suffering abuse he has kept quiet about the abuse and is walking to a scrap metal merchants. With a pram which in his imagination is a tank. To sell scrap metal for his parents who have no money. He is living in a house with no bath or heating and an outside toilet in 1980s Britain. So begin the incredible story of Tony’s new book I, Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles. The illustrations that brings the saga of Tony’s clandestine life with the UFOs are staggering, as is the story of Tony catapulted into a paranormal information gathering operation called Very See that form the Chronicle part of the book. Very See is an information network not governed by the rules of time that triggers an alien Cold War in the skies above.

At one of Tony Topping’s most demanding points of his life a UFO appears on scene near the Marine Lake Southport in this example.


The book is ready for editing and one incredible piece of art called Avatar of Arcturus, which celebrates communication with a UFO at the Marine Lake in Southport, after losing his mother, the house he cared for her in and a requirement of major hernia surgery all in 2018.

Film Project.

Tony is also pleased to announce that a well known film company and it’s award winning director have approached him to make a short film about people who have to cope with living strange lives. Picked from a selection of individuals it was Tony’s incredible UFO story that proved a winner. Tony will make further announcements on this as it develops.

Tony’s New Podcast Alien Confidential…The Paranormal 007.

Tony new podcast Alien Confidential broadcasts will be added to the site, witness the strange incident of a voice on one of the Podcasts featuring Michael Lee Hill it is not Tony or the guest.

n this edition of Alien Confidential Tony freaks out as a voice appears on the recording that is not Michael Lee Hill, nor is it Tony and says the word “peace.” Tony’s guest is Michael Lee Hill a UFO contactee and featured on UFO Hunters. We talk about UFOs, the Annunaki and the Wingmakers with the mysterious BST technology and the identity of the Wingmakers leader, Fifteen. A belter of a broadcast. And listen for the mysterious voice and the word “peace.” In the broadcast at the end.

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential Special Guest Grant Cameron

Tony Topping speaks to Grant Cameron the writer of Tony’s foreword regarding UFOs, his early work. Charlie Red Star , The government of Canada and Project Magnet, Grant talks of his latest book and the dynamics of the UFO cover up, including the alien fear porn in circulation. An unmissable show,

Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of a UFO type object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. That story will be released July 1 by Dundurn Press in a book titled, Tales of Charlie Red Star.

Tony Topping Launches New Podcast Alien Confidential

Tony Topping returns with his Alien Confidential Podcast, streaming across Access North West Community Radio & Spreaker  and associated platforms. His mission is to explore the UFO phenomena worldwide and build an audio database.

Tony hopes to turn it into an iconic TV show for all who have come into contact with UFOs. His first guest is David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group. Broadcast weekly Sunday 8pm GMT and across Access Northwest at 10pm GMT. Tony brings his depth of experience as the man in the street who was subjected to experiences beyond science fiction. This is all by popular demand not only is Tony’s story about UFOs but also the human spirit conquering adverse circumstances.

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential Ep1 Special Guest David Hodrien On Spreaker

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential on AWS Community Radio 10pm GMT

Our guest for the first edition of Alien Confidential is Dave Hodrien who is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, and a regular contributor to UFO Truth Magazine. He has appeared on television and radio numerous times, and previously written for Outer Limits, Paranormal Magazine and UFO Matrix. He has spoken at many well-known conferences and groups, and even given educational classes on UFO investigation. BUFOG has been running since late 2007 and has grown from strength-to-strength into one of the UK’s most active and highly regarded UFO organizations. Since its inception, Dave has directly investigated over 1000 UFO sightings and over 300 contact cases from around the world. He believes that the evidence available points towards regular interaction between numerous intelligent extra-terrestrial species and the human race.

Tony Topping Book Update I, Alien Publication Date TBA

ialien the secret ufo chronicles

This is a book of secrets. A story of strength in adversity. And an iconic journey showing we are not alone in the universe. With contributions by various artists to bring communication with extraterrestrial intelligence to life. Testimony from former White Hat military who wish to remain in the shadows it we are not being told the truth. We are not alone. The book is a paradox, others knew it was written before the author wrote it.

The Chronicles that were sat on Tony’s shelf for years and were nearly thrown out after the loss of his mother. Form the core of the book, it details operations not related to time, that is the mystery. The book might need to be classed as fiction, to protect the innocent. But the events written are far removed from fiction and are real. For it is where science fiction meets real life. Publication TBA.

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