In the realm of aviation and scientific inquiry, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) present a compelling enigma that challenges our understanding of aerospace dynamics and natural phenomena. These elusive sightings, I have filmeds over the years are characterized by anomalous flight patterns and unconventional behavior,  calling into question the limits of our current knowledge.

The study of UAP delves into the intricacies of unidentified aerial objects that defy traditional classification. Through the lens of radar data, spectroscopic analysis, and witness testimonies, scientists seek to unravel the mysteries shrouding these airborne anomalies, striving to discern patterns, trajectories, and potential origins.

At the intersection of physics, meteorology, and aeronautics, investigations into UAP aim to differentiate between known aircraft, weather phenomena, and novel aerospace technologies that may push the boundaries of our scientific understanding. By applying rigorous methodologies and advanced instrumentation, researchers endeavor to decipher the underlying mechanisms driving these perplexing aerial occurrences and I also search for answers.

I have filmed once again at Formby UK a flyover of a UAP that is now undegoing extensive analysis, part of a series of them taken over the years, behind the phenomena a form of life, the one taken over Formby recently may have displayed some characteristics that are of interest. I also thank Wilbur Allen from the Discovery Channel, for some very brief points he makes one of which is the UAP exhibts a modulalted energy field. It has a translucent quality and at this point let us now truly take our imagination to the max, the usual checks for it being ISS and Starlink have been done. A modulated energy field and a modulated radio signal are distinct concepts, each with unique characteristics and applications I await an extensive report on my UAP footage.

Modulated Energy Field:

A modulated energy field refers to the variation or manipulation of an energy field’s properties such as intensity, frequency, polarization, or phase. This modulation can be intentional and controlled, allowing for the transmission, alteration, or focusing of energy in a specific manner. In the context of your translucent UFO, a modulated energy field could be generated by the craft’s propulsion system or technology to achieve specific effects, such as creating propulsion thrust, manipulating spacetime, generating force fields, or interacting with the environment in a controlled way. This modulated energy field could be a fundamental component of the craft’s operation, potentially serving various functions beyond simple communication, such as creating exotic propulsion effects or shielding mechanisms.

Modulated Radio Signal:

A modulated radio signal involves varying one or more properties of a radio wave, such as its amplitude, frequency, or phase, to embed information for communication purposes. Modulation techniques like amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), or phase modulation (PM) are commonly used in radio transmission to encode data onto the carrier wave.
Unlike an energy field, which encompasses a broader spectrum of energy forms, a radio signal specifically refers to electromagnetic waves used for communication. Modulated radio signals are used for broadcasting audio, data transmission, wireless communication, and other applications where information needs to be transmitted wirelessly.
While both modulated energy fields and modulated radio signals involve changing properties of the transmitted signal, the key distinction lies in the purpose and medium of transmission. Modulated energy fields might operate on different principles and objectives compared to modulated radio signals, with potentially more complex effects and applications.
In summary, a modulated energy field on your UFO could signify a sophisticated means of manipulating energy for propulsion or other purposes, distinct from the encoding of information on a radio signal for communication. It represents a broader, more versatile concept tied to the craft’s advanced technology and capabilities.

The allure of UAP sightings and the mystery surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena often intersect with the more grounded realities of space exploration and satellite operations. The International Space Station, with its prominent presence in the night sky and distinct orbital characteristics, can inadvertently contribute to misidentifications that blur the lines between fact and fiction. By understanding the phenomena behind ISS sightings, we can shed light on why UAP encounters are sometimes mistaken for this iconic spacecraft soaring above us.

Unlike many UAP sightings that are unpredictable and erratic, the ISS follows a precise orbital path around the Earth. Its passovers can be calculated and predicted with accuracy, leading to frequent sightings that may be misconstrued as unusual UFO behavior, The ISS orbits the Earth at approximately 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 miles per hour) and at an altitude of around 420 kilometers (260 miles). Its incredible speed and high altitude contribute to its appearance as a fast-moving, high-flying object that can evoke perceptions of alien spacecraft.

Back to our craft…remember this is not set in stone but I hope it inspires you.

Given the craft’s translucent nature, one could hypothesize that the beings piloting it come from a world rich in transparent or crystalline materials. Perhaps their planet has unique geological formations or structures that are naturally translucent, leading them to develop technologies that mimic or utilize these materials for camouflage or visibility purposes. Additionally, an environment with different spectrums of light or atmospheric conditions could further explain the need for such advanced cloaking technology. This type of environment might spark ideas related to crystalline forests, glass-like oceans, or cities blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

Translucence can be influenced by a variety of factors in an environment. In nature, translucent materials are often found in environments where light needs to pass through partially, creating a diffused or filtered effect. Examples include underwater environments where creatures have adapted to filter light through water, or in certain plants where translucent tissues allow light to penetrate for photosynthesis while providing some protection.

A translucent craft could come from an environment where transparency or translucency is a natural defense mechanism. This could be a planet with intense natural light sources where beings evolved to have translucent or adaptive camouflage for survival. It could also be a result of advanced technology developing materials that offer benefits of stealth or camouflage in various environments.

And the security implications, why did it appear near civilian air traffic, on the night of the 19th May…

Observation or Monitoring:

The UAP could be conducting observational or monitoring activities, either of the aircraft itself or of human activities in general. By positioning itself near the aircraft, it could be gathering data, studying behavior, or assessing reactions to its presence. it could of been watching me and signalling to something else.  It’s possible the UAP was attempting a form of communication with the Whether through signals, lights, or other means, the UAP might have been trying to establish contact or convey a message.

The UAP might have intentionally positioned itself in a conspicuous manner to provoke a reaction or draw attention. This could be a display of technology, an intentional demonstration, or an attempt to engage in a visual interaction with witnesses. Nailed it,

Back to the technical creative brain storm. I believe something was rotating at the back of it and it was an intentional showing of advanced technology.

The possible presence of two rotational translucent drives emitting an energy source on the craft is possible. These drives could be a vital part of the craft’s propulsion system, utilizing advanced technology to generate and control energy for movement or other functions. The translucent nature of the drives could suggest they harness energy from a source that interacts with light or other wavelengths in unique ways.

One possible interpretation is that these drives are based on advanced electromagnetic principles, using rotating components to create dynamic electromagnetic fields that propel the craft. The translucence could hint at the manipulation of energies beyond our current understanding, such as harnessing energy from different dimensions or utilizing exotic matter for propulsion.

The energy source emitted by these drives could be a visual representation of this advanced technology at work, possibly indicating the activation of the propulsion system or the modulation of the energy fields around the craft. A translucent drive propulsion system could be a fascinating concept in a science fiction scenario, blending advanced technology with unique design elements. Here are some hypothetical features and functions of such a system

Translucent Energy Conversion: The translucent nature of the drives suggests they interact with and convert energy in a visually striking manner. They could harness light, radiation, or exotic forms of energy, transforming it into a usable form for propulsion.

Rotational Dynamics: The rotational motion of the drives could be integral to generating and controlling the propulsion forces. By spinning at specific speeds or in precise patterns, they might create directional thrust or manipulate gravitational fields around the craft.

Energy Emission: The drives could emit a visually mesmerizing energy signature as they operate, serving both as a functional component and a striking visual element. The energy emissions might change color, intensity, or pattern depending on the drive’s activity.

Field Manipulation: The drives could be capable of creating energy fields that interact with spacetime, allowing the craft to ‘ride’ on distortions in space for propulsion. This could enable faster-than-light travel or spatial warping effects for swift movement between points.

Adaptive Properties: The translucent material of the drives could possess adaptive qualities, adjusting its transparency or refractive index in response to external stimuli. This feature could enhance stealth capabilities, alter aerodynamic properties, or provide additional shielding.

Integration with Control Systems: The drives would likely be linked to sophisticated control systems that regulate their operation, monitor energy levels, and adjust propulsion settings as needed. Advanced AI or consciousness interfaces could aid in piloting and optimizing performance.

A translucent UFO based on advanced light-based technology would likely possess unique adaptations to navigate and interact with Earth’s atmosphere. Here’s how such a craft might adapt to our atmosphere and enter it as I believe they are based in the worlds oceans, and that raises paranoia and unease with myself and the military but still the ET persist in open communications channels as seen on Star Trek.

By combining advanced light-based technology with adaptive features and stealth capabilities, a translucent UFO could navigate Earth’s atmosphere seamlessly, adapting to its conditions while maintaining a low profile. Its entry and presence in our atmosphere could remain discreet and controlled, allowing for efficient exploration or observation without attracting unwarranted attention

If my assessment is correct, then this concept holds weight, are they using Biomimicry, the practice of drawing inspiration from nature to solve human challenges, is revolutionizing the design of spacecraft and vehicles for future exploration. Researchers and engineers are exploring biomorphic hull designs and bio-inspired materials to create adaptive, efficient, and versatile platforms for navigating space and other environments. How is it entering our atmosphere or even the ocean here are some points.

Flexible Biomimetic Skin:

NASA’s research into flexible biomimetic skin is paving the way for spacecraft structures that can adapt to changing conditions.   Inspired by nature’s ability to respond to stimuli, these materials could revolutionize spacecraft hulls, enabling them to morph in shape or properties as needed for optimal performance.

Adaptations to Earth’s Atmosphere:

Chameleon-Like Camouflage:

The translucent UFO could adapt its outer layer to mimic the sky or surrounding environment, using advanced light manipulation to blend in and become virtually invisible to the naked eye. This chameleon-like camouflage could help it navigate without drawing unwanted attention.

High Energy Absorption:

The craft may be designed to absorb and utilize different forms of energy present in Earth’s atmosphere, such as sunlight, electromagnetic radiation, or even atmospheric electricity. This energy absorption could power the craft’s systems and provide resources for various functions.

Aerodynamic Control:

Despite its translucent nature, the craft could possess advanced aerodynamic features that allow it to maneuver through our atmosphere efficiently. Shape-shifting components or force field technology might help it maintain stability and control during entry and flight

Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere:

Cloaking Technology:

As the UFO approaches Earth, it could activate its cloaking technology to mask its presence or alter its appearance, making it less noticeable to radar or visual detection. This would allow it to enter the atmosphere discreetly.

Phased Entry:

To minimize atmospheric resistance and heat buildup during entry, the craft might utilize phased entry techniques, gradually adjusting its velocity and angle to manage reentry forces effectively. This method could reduce stress on the craft’s structure and systems.

Energy Shielding:

The craft could deploy energy shielding or force fields to deflect heat and impacts during atmospheric entry. By creating a protective barrier around itself, the UFO could withstand the intense conditions of reentry and safely navigate through Earth’s atmosphere.

Silent Propulsion Systems:

To avoid detection by sound or conventional radar systems, the craft might employ silent propulsion systems that operate without emitting audible noise or visible exhaust. This stealthy approach would enable the UFO to enter Earth’s atmosphere undetected.


My communication continues with them I remain determined to present this knoweldge amidst corruption and mind invasive technology on me by corrupt elements in the United Kingdom, perhaps the craft is showing a sense of unity, the mental cost in configuring the information you are reading is shocking. Please see on my site other pages about legality. Also please look out for announcments regarding my book a Cosmic Oddessey




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