Tony Topping Biography


Tony Topping brings a shocking human interest story involving his personal encounters with aliens and the profound impact it has had on mental health. This narrative adds a truly captivating element to any production.

From humble beginnings, his life has been a testament to resilience and unwavering determination. Born into difficult circumstances, Tony experienced the harsh reality of living in bad housing conditions and facing financial hardships. At the tender age of ten, he found himself selling scrap metal to make ends meet, as his parents struggled to provide.

In addition to these challenges, he endured the pain of regular beatings, both at school and from his own father. The specter of sexual abuse and the urge to end it all haunted him, but luckily, he did not surrender. These experiences shaped him in profound ways, instilling within him an unwavering drive to overcome adversity and seek a better future.

Against all odds, Tony rose above his circumstances and found solace and inspiration in the extraordinary world of UFOs and alien contact. This newfound passion became his guiding light, propelling him towards a path of knowledge, discovery, and self-transformation, including close encounters with those not of this world.

With a passion for the extraordinary, he is a maverick in the field of UFOs and Alien Contact. With over fifty years of engagement with the UFO phenomena, his extensive knowledge and unique perspective make him an asset for any production team.

Tony’s media content showcases a staggering collection of alien art and in-depth articles on UFOs, setting him apart from others in the field. Tony also captures imagery and footage of UFOs firsthand, incorporating image analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of those not of this world who are intentionally signaling. Whether it be in the realm of science fiction or real life, the viewer, listener, or reader is given a lot to think about.

Tony is also a Creative Director and radio presenter, creating concepts, for example, for Channel 5, with animation and voice-over. He is a talented digital artist, inspired by his close encounters. This artistic perspective brings a unique visual dimension to Tony’s work. It is not uncommon for him to witness real-world encounters while filming, adding an element of authenticity and excitement to the content he produces. This also includes his fascinating talking alien avatars based on his experiences. He further showcases his Harold Finch alter ego, designing his own concept of “The Machine” called Operation Hypernova, the joint Alien Human Super Information Highway. The information on Hypernova is immensely interesting, and can be found on his website

His book, “I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy,” aims to reinvent the way stories of extraterrestrial contact are told. The book explores the clashes between angelic and alien forces in the sky, offering a breathtaking and emotional journey for readers. The chronicle element of the book specifically details his continuous involvement in a special operation called Operation Operation Temporal Nexus from 2001 to the present. This operation unveils an advanced alien communication network, where past and future converge, and human military agencies collide as they establish communication with alien forces.

Tony has felt privileged to contribute to various media platforms, including his first film for Netflix titled “A Hero’s Journey,” which shares the story of his life. He has provided concept, voice-over, and alien talking animation for “Crack It TV” on Channel 5. Additionally, he has appeared on Nub TV, ITV’s “This Morning,” Lads Bible, The One Show, Channel 4, BBC 2, Sky Arts, Sony Pictures, and E4’s “Tattoo Fixers.” In the realm of radio, Tony has been featured on several broadcasts, such as Coast to Coast, Fade to Black, BBC World Service, BBC Radio National and Regional, LBC, TalkSPORT, Talk Radio, Heart 106, and as a resident UFO guest for Ian Collins on Mighty Radio. He has also written for reputable publications such as Australian Paranormal Magazine Oddities, Outer Limits, French magazine OVNI, and Italian Magazine. With his extensive media experience, Tony Topping is a reliable and well-rounded resource for all matters related to UFOs and closer encounter experiences.

With his unique perspective, engaging narrative, and exceptional media content, Tony Topping is the one-stop shop for captivating and thought-provoking stories in the realm of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact.