TYPE V Non-Corporeal Aliens Close Encounters of a Sacred Kind An Introduction

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TYPE V Non-Corporeal Aliens Close Encounters of a Sacred Kind.

Here I explain my Type V Encounters Symphony Makers of Creation.

In 1992, an extraordinary event marked the beginning of what would become a series of encounters transcending the bounds of our understanding. I was lucky enough to gain a place at a London stage school, it was in the flat I rented an incident unfolded that was anything but ordinary. A difficult childhood and a tough time being in London made me depressed, and on this night without warning, my room was engulfed in beautiful, bright light— the light did not hail from any known source on Earth. This initial encounter was not just a fleeting moment of wonder; it served as a gateway into the unknown, suggesting the presence of an intelligence far beyond our comprehension in later years this Close Encounter would become of interest not just to humans but also to aliens. In 1999 all hell will break lose as the UFOs begin flyovers over my home.

I am thrust onto the forefront of an unprecedented interaction—a rare moment when human reality intersected with something decidedly otherworldly. This experience laid the groundwork for what would be recognized as more than mere coincidence, hinting at our planet’s role within a cosmic narrative far greater than anyone could have imagined.

Patterns Of Contact: Revisiting The Phenomenon In 1996

In the summer of 1996, the phenomenon that had first made its enigmatic appearance in 1992 resurfaced with an intensity that left an indelible mark upon me. This period, now referred to as “First Contact: arrival 1996,” showcased a dramatic escalation in both frequency and clarity of these otherworldly encounters. Upon my quiet housing estate, As I stood in the garden two bright lights seem to fly over me and merge as one, then a bright flash. Residents were jolted awake by an inexplicable illumination—a brilliant flash of light as if the universe above me had spoken with a voice.

This event was not just another sighting; it was a vivid reiteration that humanity was under observation by an intelligence far beyond our understanding and so my experiences progressed, and the Type V beings began their operations, A serious of very strange incidents, began in 1997, as written of in my book currently being revised called. I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy. After the event I started have very clear yet strange visions. It has taken me nearly a lifetime to realise Non-Corporeal beings are a mystery to aliens as they are to humans. It appears my UFO encounters and interactions centre around this communication. In 1997 I saw as I dreamt the staggering sight of glider craft not of this world fly over my garden and drop a beacon that began pulsing. I awoke startled.

From my book I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy

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In 1997, I dreamt of mysterious craft as they appeared, they are dropping a small beacon like antenna that causes a strange warping of the reality in its vicinity. In the years ahead the UFOs would purposefully fly past my ham radio antenna. There was intelligence behind their actions, hinting at communication.

“The visions continued. I was fractious and there was tossing and turning in the night, a passage of deep sleep for an hour or so and then I snapped awake from the vision of seeing a portal opening suddenly, forming two giant squares in the sky. This emitted a very low-level hum. The giant squares moved from side to side generating a huge trail of mysterious vapour from the parallel world they occupied and suddenly they disappeared as if entering another world. It was the start of operations by aliens across hyperspace.”

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Further visions entered and exited my mind when I slept. I recall these images would appear as if someone had turned on a science fiction film in my head; the shock of it still echoes to this day. The UFOs as seen over London, now active in the skies of Yorkshire, were using my mind as if I was a living, breathing, walking universe. In this startling vision that hit my mind with shocking impact, the UFO travelled at speed towards a star, circling it, and then returned onto its original flight path. By a feat of magic, six portals opened in the fabric of space it travelled through, indicating it resides in a sixth dimension. 

The UFO then extended a beam of light that resembled a giant arm that waved at me. Suddenly, after the greeting, the beam of light disappeared, and the whole area of time and space vibrated and rumbled as if God himself was directing a movie scene. I was shown a huge office with computer terminals and people running around. The higher alien mind that I was blind to back then, but is present in all its glory now, was being a hidden guide showing me what was happening. The vision was there and gone.

I saw a man with a ponytail (for god’s sake what next?). He screamed at what he had seen on his computer screen, ‘did you see that? What the hell was that?’ I was being watched, and they too were being watched by something I later learned was present beyond six dimensions.”

An extract from my book I, Alien which will need revising as more information about my encounters come to light. Many years later as I write this article, I become aware that the ET are looking at an intelligent being without form that is watching earth and will save my life on a number of occasions.

Beyond Physical Realms: Understanding Non-Corporeal Intelligence

In the vast expanse of the universe, our understanding of intelligence has been largely confined to the physical and tangible. However, encounters that defy our conventional boundaries suggest the existence of non-corporeal intelligences—entities without a physical form as we understand it. These encounters, often dismissed by skeptics, offer a glimpse into interactions with beings from possibly a Type V civilization on the Kardashev scale, who have transcended material constraints and operate on a level of energy manipulation and consciousness we can scarcely comprehend.

The concept challenges our anthropocentric view and opens up possibilities where communication and interaction transcend spoken language or physical presence. Such encounters, as reported in 1992 and again in 1996 with mysterious lights heralding an otherworldly presence, hint at an advanced form of contact.

Integrating Experiences: Human Participation In Alien Observations

The notion of human encounters with non-corporeal intelligences, especially those potentially categorized as Type V civilizations, presents a profound paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe and our place within it. Such encounters, as described through personal experiences from 1992 and 1996 involving inexplicable luminous phenomena, suggest not merely a passive observation by extraterrestrial entities but an active integration of humans into an interstellar tapestry of life.

This integration implies that certain human experiences might be part of a broader alien framework, possibly for educational or observational purposes akin to what we might consider tourism. The implications are staggering humans, often considering themselves the observers or explorers, may be the observed within this cosmic context. This inversion of roles enriches our narrative on extraterrestrial interaction and challenges us to reconsider the nature of consciousness and existence beyond earthbound limitations.