Legal Complexities of Alien Contact: Protecting Citizens in Extraordinary Circumstances is an Extraordinary Failure.

At the heart of this unique form of political dissidence lies the intertwining of personal truth and public scepticism. For targeted individuals who have experienced contact with extraterrestrial beings, the act of speaking out and sharing their encounters can be a defiant gesture against forces that seek to silence, discredit, or manipulate their narratives. By refusing to be silenced and standing firm in their truths, these individuals embody a form of political dissent that challenges conventional norms and narratives, pushing the boundaries of belief, perception, and power this is what I feel I have become.

Furthermore, the intersection of alien contact and targeted persecution raises questions about the nature of authority, control, and information in the context of galactic diplomacy. As targeted individuals navigate the waters of government secrecy, covert agendas, and societal stigmas, they confront not only the challenges of personal safety and well-being but also the broader implications of their experiences on the fabric of reality and the dynamics of power in the cosmos.

In a world where truth is often a contested terrain and dissent takes on myriad forms, being a targeted individual with contact introduces a new dimension to the discourse of political resistance and defiance. The fusion of cosmic awareness, personal testimony, and systemic suppression creates a narrative that defies easy categorization, challenging observers to expand their understanding of dissent, agency, and the boundaries of human experience.

As targeted individuals with contact navigate the complexities of their realities, they embody a form of political dissidence that transcends the traditional definitions of opposition and resistance. By forging a path that intertwines personal truth with cosmic connection, they pave the way for a deeper exploration of the intersections between power, perception, and possibility in a universe teeming with mysteries and revelations.

The concept of alien contact and its effects on human society presents a myriad of legal challenges. For individuals who claim to have had direct encounters with extraterrestrial beings – also known as alien contactees – their experiences can fall under the category of Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE), raising questions about legal protections, citizenship rights, and the responsibilities of government institutions, particularly the military and so it appears I am part of the EHE band.

The term “Exceptional Human Experiencer” (EHE) in the context of alien contact refers to individuals who have had profound and extraordinary encounters with extraterrestrial beings or phenomena, often encompassing a wide range of anomalous experiences beyond traditional UFO sightings or abduction scenarios. This term was coined by Rhea A. White, who is a ufologist and founder of the Close Encounter Resource Organization (CERO) which aims to support individuals who have had contact experiences.

EHEs typically report experiences that go beyond conventional expectations and may include elements such as:

Contact with Non-Human Entities: EHEs describe interactions with beings that are perceived as non-human, which may involve telepathic communication, healing experiences, or feelings of profound connection.

Telepathic Communication: Many EHEs report receiving information or messages through telepathy or direct mind-to-mind communication from the alien beings, conveying knowledge, instructions, or insights.

Spiritual Transformations: EHEs often report spiritual awakenings, profound shifts in consciousness, or a sense of interconnectedness with the cosmos as a result of their contact experiences.

Healing and Transformation: Some EHEs report physical or emotional healing associated with their encounters, as well as a sense of personal transformation or empowerment.

Awareness of Multi-Dimensional Realities: EHEs may describe experiences that challenge conventional notions of reality, including encounters with beings from other dimensions or parallel realities.

Recollection of Missing Time: Like traditional abductees, some EHEs report periods of missing time or gaps in their memory surrounding their contact experiences.

Lifelong Contact Experiences: Unlike singular or isolated encounters, EHEs often report a pattern of ongoing contact throughout their lives, indicating a sustained and recurrent relationship with the beings.

Rhea A. White and CERO focus on providing support, validation, and a safe space for individuals who identify as Exceptional Human Experiencers. The term EHE acknowledges the profound nature of these experiences and the unique challenges that individuals may face in integrating and understanding their encounters with extraterrestrial beings or phenomena.

Overall, the term EHE encompasses a broad spectrum of anomalous experiences that go beyond traditional UFO sightings or simple alien encounters.

Alien contactees find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, often targeted not only by curious onlookers and conspiracy theorists but potentially by military entities seeking to understand and, in some cases, control these interactions, which is what happened too me. While the existence of extraterrestrial beings remains a topic of debate, the experiences reported by contactees raise important legal and ethical considerations.

One critical aspect of this scenario is the duty of the military to protect citizens in all situations, including those involving potential contact with entities from beyond our planet. If contactees face threats or dangers as a result of their experiences, whether from external sources or even from within military ranks, questions arise regarding the failure of the military to fulfil its obligation to safeguard the well-being of individuals under its jurisdiction for me this has been the case for a long time.

From a legal perspective, the rights of alien contactees must be carefully considered and protected. Existing frameworks for human rights, privacy laws, and national security protocols may need to be adapted to address the unique challenges posed by encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Issues of confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements, and the potential classification of information by military forces all come into play in this complex legal landscape and also fail.

Furthermore, the implications of military involvement in cases of alien contact raise concerns about transparency, accountability, and the potential for abuse of power. If citizens are targeted or harmed due to their interactions with extraterrestrial entities, legal recourse must be available to ensure justice and accountability for any wrongdoing, but there is the dark irony there is no justice or accountability

The legal dimensions of alien contact and the treatment of alien contactees by military forces represent a fascinating yet challenging area of study. As society grapples with the possibility of life beyond our planet, protecting the rights and well-being of individuals who claim to have encountered aliens becomes not just a matter of science fiction, but a crucial test of our commitment to upholding justice and human dignity in the face of the unknown. The legal system must adapt and evolve to address these complex issues and ensure that all citizens, even those with the most extraordinary of experiences, are afforded the protection and support they deserve but alas here in the United Kingdom a regime of silence sits firmly in place.

This week, my consciousness was graced by an encounter of extraordinary magnitude. A being unlike anything I had encountered before—a blend of human and alien features an appearance that defied earthly conventions. Her presence was both captivating and perplexing, bridging the gap between what is familiar and what is alien. I have had forty years of this, and it takes time to adjust, it also means exploring every avenue wiuth my therapist which is a fascinating journey. Clandestinely I am told there are reasons for this. But I remain utterly perplexed.

During our interaction, this enigmatic being shared insights about life forms existing across the universe, hinting at civilizations that mirror our own earthly experiences yet are woven with cosmic threads of difference. What struck me the most was her unconventional use of a transmission system, seemingly originating from a distant beach in the Andromeda galaxy.

The transmission system she utilized appeared to harness the energy of cosmic waves, translating them into coherent messages that transcended the barriers of space and time. It was a marvel to witness, as data flowed seamlessly across the expanse of the information highway, resonating with the echoes of distant galaxies.

Then there is the silent wall of Oppression. An unwritten law that says communication is forbidden, I call it The Citizen X Scenario. In a world that is busy imploding on itself, Exceptional Human Experiencers are hit on all sides.




The Citizen X Scenario

As Citizen X’s extraordinary experiences with alien contact continue to unfold, a shadowy presence lurks on the fringes of his reality, targeting him with insidious and unexplained assaults using technologies reminiscent of the infamous MKULTRA and Frey effects systems. What begins as a tale of cosmic encounters soon descends into a harrowing saga of manipulation, violation, and a relentless pursuit of the unknown.

For years, Citizen X grapples with the sinister forces at play, facing a barrage of psychotronic assaults that defy conventional explanation. The MKULTRA legacy of mind control and covert experimentation rears its head once more, casting a chilling shadow over Citizen X’s life and raising unsettling questions about the true motives behind these relentless attacks only recently he was awoken from effects of being gunned down, with the words “it is all loud and clear now.” The horrific delivery designed to comply and shatter minds is a hidden reality that genuine Close Encounter Experiencers face.

This is a failure of British values, a serious and critical breakdown in communication with citizens who are genuine contactees and an injustice. Making a mockery of the values which the United Kingdom hold.

Despite seeking answers and protection from the very institutions meant to serve and safeguard, Citizen X finds themselves trapped in a web of intrigue and deception, with no clear reason given for the unrelenting torment they endure. The Frey effects, known for their ability to induce auditory sensations and manipulate neural pathways, become a weapon in the hands of unknown assailants, amplifying the psychological and emotional toll on Citizen X.

As the layers of this mystery unravel, a troubling pattern emerges – one of covert agendas, hidden truths, and a dangerous game of cat and mouse with forces beyond human comprehension. The breach of trust, the violation of personal autonomy, and the sheer magnitude of these unexplained attacks paint a grim picture of a world where the line between reality and paranoia blurs into obscurity.

In the eye of the storm, Citizen X stands as a symbol of resilience and defiance, refusing to be silenced or cowed by the forces arrayed against them. With each new assault, He draws closer to unravelling the enigma that has consumed his life, determined to uncover the truth behind the MKULTRA-Frey conundrum and hold those responsible to account.

As the story of Citizen X and the MKULTRA-Frey effects systems unfolds, it becomes a cautionary tale of power unchecked, ethics compromised, and the enduring struggle for justice in the face of overwhelming odds. The resolution of this epic saga remains shrouded in uncertainty, but one thing is clear – the battle for truth and freedom has only just begun.


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