Alien Encounters: Genuine or Military Experiment with Artificial Reality

Alien Encounters: Genuine or Military Experiment with Artificial Reality

I have been privileged to have several encounters with beings from beyond our world, but the question that lingers is whether these experiences are real or part of a military experiment involving artificial reality. While it is natural to be skeptical of such experiences, my bias is towards the belief that they are authentic and not just a figment of my imagination.

These encounters have been more than just an abstract experience for me, frequently involving physical sensations and mental trauma, leaving me unable to cope with the real world at times. The post-traumatic stress disorder that followed some of these contacts cannot be dismissed as mere hallucinations.

My experience with the Nordics from Andromeda who appeared in 2014 with a type of doomsday warning, Marine ET from a parallel dimension where water could exist and their technology, which pre-dated our own for transportation and communication, is evidence of the reality of these encounters. Their interactions with me have been more than just expressions in a simulated reality.

While the notion that these encounters could be a military experiment is plausible, the characteristics of the beings and their technologies, coupled with their apparent inter-dimensional abilities, making them too advanced to be a creation of our current technology.

My bias towards these encounters being real is based on the patterns of my experiences, the tangible repercussions they have had on my psychological and emotional state, as well as the sense of authenticity surrounding them. These beings seem to exist and communicate with me in ways that simulate reality, and their messages are often fresh and unmistakably vivid.

while the possibility of a military experiment cannot be dismissed entirely, the information, technology, and experiences that come with these encounters paint a picture of authenticity. They cannot be the product of human origin. The understanding that we are not alone in the universe is an essential step towards unraveling our place in it. My experiences may suggest that the time for this understanding has finally arrived.

So Is This One Big Lie.

Sharing stories of extraterrestrial encounters can often be met with skepticism, suspicion, and disbelief, even resulting in ridicule and ostracism. And yet, I stand firm in my belief that my ET encounters are real and not a figment of my imagination. The experiences are too detailed, complex, and vivid to be the product of a human mind.

I have explored the possibility about my encounters and the consequences of lying. I have been in the business a long time, for the very reason I do not lie, nor embelish, or pretend to know an answer in doing so. People get it, and tend to be open minded, or agree to dsiagree. Being straightforward with details and specifics that make up my interactions cannot be conjured up or fabricating, creating something akin to reality is difficult to achieve. Lying cannot incorporate the many distinctive experiences, covert elements, and long-term after-effects of these events, which are too intricate and comprehensive to fabricate entirely.

These interactions with non-human intelligences were not just an imaginative exercise. They encompassed aspects of physical interaction, personal memories, emotions, and challenges that have molded me into the person I am today.

The concept that these encounters may be the product of a clever lie with a broader, more devious purpose is not valid. The complexity of the details, range of experiences, and comprehensive aspects of these contacts make their supposed fabrication highly unlikely.

The sophistication, complexity, and evocative features of these ET encounters are too vivid, compelling, and significant to be a lie. The thought that these encounters could be someone else’s creation or a product of my imagination is implausible. The extraordinary events that one cannot possibly devise fabricated would have left any creator’s mind perplexed. The only possibility remaining to consider is the reality of the situation, which is something that cannot be ignored.

It is also true to say that all I need is for a UFO up close to fly over me and I will be pleased to say that is all the proof I need.