Art of I Alien
Tony Topping’s digital art is inspired by his interaction with UFOs.

I am a contact experiencer and have been on the frontline of the UFO phenomena for a number of years in a world of denial and threat of global war I have seen beyond this mad world, that we are not alone and so for World UFO Day I thought I would share a story from my forthcoming book I, Alien: The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma. I own the experience that happened to me, I will never forget her, and then one may ask who is her.? She is someone not of this earth and we as a collective humanity are being lied to. The big issue of course is that UFOs are a threat and that we do not know what they are. That is the mantra and a curious lie it is. For the US government and UK government reached sobering conclusions that earth has been visited by aliens for a long time and a curious law is evoked that if you are the man in the street contact with aliens is illegal. The question is who is saying it is illegal and who decides that UFOs are a threat and what is to be disclosed to humanity. For it is true that in the enforced truth embargo the elephant in the room towards Disclosure is alien. The information from the US reference UAP is not new, the UK DI55 knew this a number of years ago under Project Condign. In the 1960s and 50s, Contactees were all the rage, from Adamski to Van Tassel. Yet the modern contactee of today suffers an onslaught like no other and part of it is alien. What I am proposing is an alien force controls what mankind knows of them from behind the scenes and the contact experiencer, those of us who have had communication with this phenomena quickly learn that some of these alien visitors are evolved. We appear to want Disclosure yet the manifestation of a war with Russia or China is equally apparent and we are being warned by those in the UFOs and so the question arises when is the UFO threat actually a warning to the governments of our world.

For it is apparent and insane that they would sooner have a third war than tell the truth of what is truly going on behind the scenes let me then in celebrating World UFO Day reflect on one of many contact experiences with those from the skies above who are evolved spiritually and mentally my interaction spans over 40 years and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I went through a time in my life of being mentally broken, my forthcoming book also sheds light on a childhood in 80s Britain that was like living in slum conditions. My mother developed dementia a horrendous condition and at 3 am when there was nobody else there to change her, I would do that and lift her out of the bed and put her back into a fresh bed and I was the loneliest man in the world, the UFOs were never far away and my mother lost the battle to the illness in 2018, in that year I also lost the house I lived in. This is a common problem for carers losing loved ones. It was also at that time that I had a hernia problem that was causing some concern and it needed to be removed, and so I had to move house, cope with my loss and have major hernia surgery all in the same year. The other factor to bring in is that it is known although never discussed that some of us who have hac such experiences with UFOs are mysteriously targeted by what is termed Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, some of the harassment is high tech and mind invasive but that is another discussion for with it being World UFO Day I want to acknowledge the woman who saved my sanity after such a harrowing ordeal.

I moved to Southport here in the UK and moved into a flat, I was very lucky the church in Southport had found me somewhere near the Marine Lake I recall cracking up and crying in front of the staff as it was such a relief to find somewhere after the stress of bereavement and possible looming homeless problem. I had my hernia surgery and there were interactions with the UFOs around that, which I describe in my book. But I want to thank that special lady who is not human, who flew over the lake in her craft to help me. I know, it sounds wacko but it is my experience, it will never be taken away from me and so my experiences are about breaking mental barriers and becoming a better man and I have earned my green beret.

My life was in chaos I had lost my mother who I cared for, I had been operated on and was suffering bizarre symptoms of mental exhaustion, wherein the afternoons I would be flat on my back with no energy. I was a broken man and the clandestine activities of the UFOs I had witnessed gave me no peace. It was with that in mind that I contacted a fellow experiencer in the US and explained my story. This lady wishes to remain anonymous as it is not sometimes safe for contact experiencers. I indicated to her the onslaught that I faced, the paranormal activity generated by the UFOs, and the subsequent paranormal recoil were causing me havoc. She replied she would speak to those ET she was in communication with and that is when an intervention occurred like no other.

An accurate example of the UFO that appeared over the Marine Lake Southport.

On a typical afternoon of utter dispair I wandered to the Marine Lake and sat in exhaustion and contemplation over all that had happened, I looked up and noted the appearance of a triangle craft with three pink lights on it, there for a few seconds and gone. In the distance was a very bright light that seemed to move from left to right, it was about 3 pm and it happened very quickly. I felt the exhaustion lift from me and after this incident, it did not return, in the weeks and years ahead I would reach some very different conclusions about UFOs different from the media spin and my assessment is I believe correct and so the exhaustion stopped and I was left in wonder as to how my friend who was a contact experiencer may have triggered this event. I have been involved in this subject for a very long time and the reality is contact operations with UFOs will happen. But let me continue with this story, for history’s sake if nothing else. Having had the exhaustion lifted from me I was greatly puzzled as to what I had witnessed, who was behind the Marine Lake UFO.

The Marine Lake UFO. An example.

It was during the taking of an afternoon nap that I was greeted by a most astounding sight as I slept, of a woman who did not look human and was certainly alien, yet had human characteristics, a blend of human and alien looked at me, green skin, bald head and yet exuding a most beautiful radiant energy, she indicated that although her people had advanced technology we may not see or hear all that goes on, and it appeared that even though I had UFO interactions spanning years, this was the first time her people had heard of my continual ordeal, she indicated that she would be observing events. I cannot even put into words her grace and intelligence. But it proved one thing that we are not alone and we are being lied to regarding the issue of UFOs being a threat. The threat issue is a very complex picture and if I was briefing our key decision-makers I would speak of the cold war among aliens, of certain human elements being misled by ET in the acquisition of technology, and of an open invite for humanity to take its place in the galactic community. Instead, when it comes to aliens and the most prized secrets about them a certain government took a wrong turn and bought a UFO from alien salesmen they did not know in return for the technology they paid the price ever since and so should the US take a courageous step to open hailing frequencies and talk to the aliens, humanity may discover more. Diplomacy and not war in the wider galactic community makes sense.

As for my alien friend who identified herself as being from Arcturus I will never forget her, and she is present out there part of a universal sisterhood, and here is the kicker as we rise above the lie that is being told. You could place her on any TV daytime chat show and she will tell you of her world and what it’s like to be a mother, just like being a mother on earth, for a monumental lie is being told about this and we think it is for our protection, yet it is not, it is to cover up an unspeakable truth. And what is that truth, as a contact experiencer it has to remain unspeakable and so on World UFO Day I remember her and the others who have steered me away from a certain fate.

Actual UAP Filmed Near Marine Lake Southport.

Broadcaster, Author, and researcher Tony Topping films a UFO near his home and it is his alien encounters that inspired the digital art for his forthcoming book in June I, Alien: The Mystery of the UFO Enigma. The footage shows Tony filming the noiseless UFO followed by an artistic interpretation of what the cockpit of the craft may look like there are many interesting images inspired by alien contact for his new book. Tony says “I expect more to be filmed in the Marine Lake area, and to celebrate an earlier UFO contact at the Marine Lake involving a triangle UFO with three pink lights, we are using a 3d printer to create a working model of the contact experience, at a time in my life when I lost my mother to dementia, had to move house and have major all in the same year. His book is an autobiography of leading a clandestine life revolving around the UFO phenomena and is going to be quite a shocking read as Tony writes of his involvement in an operation called Special Contact Operation Very See that forms part of any advanced communication network between an earth agency and aliens

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