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There has been quite a lot going on since my last Blog, which involves getting the book written, now in the final stage, and also my digital art reflecting forty years of experiences with UFOs behind the scenes. Recent developments in Ukraine certainly have a paranormal element to them, and it is of note that Russia had a Paranormal Unit similar to Project Stargate. A General called Boris Ratnikov formed a unit called The Department of Mental Security, to protect Boris Yeltsin from undue mental influence from the psychic arena. I assume the General would turn in his grave if he witnessed the utter lunacy that is being carried out upon the people of Ukraine. With the Russian unit, it was all about information channels, and I wonder based on the current situation what influence a world leader can be under in this modern world to cause such destruction to innocent people and consider it sane. As the ET have voiced, “humans are taught that war and violence are perfectly normal.” But here is the kicker. I am a signal processor a walking talking paranormal radio telescope through no fault of my own. I have had this all my life. When the Russian leader triggered events that mirror the 1930s leading to war, he should be warned and should all world leaders of what exactly we are as a race doing to our world.

I wonder as our Prime Minister sleeps if he needs a department of mental security around him as the mind has no firewall. Russia as do other nations continues on a path of conflict while not understanding the signal information environment of the mysterious forces around mankind and so I share an experience regarding the movement of these forces, it began years back where on the beach at Formby after the loss of my mother, I held my head in my hands and wept, I felt the earth speak and heard a bizarre trumpet type sound. I did not understand at first. But these forces beyond aliens have the power to communicate.

I will fast forward to current events, I have had a roller coaster ride of contact experiences, but the one I wish to focus on is this:

I am awoken from what appears to be trumpet sounds but they are not trumpets. What I am hearing is a call, a distress call like a whale song across the cosmos to the creator of worlds. Crying in anguish. It was the earth itself a planetary being in distress, as the destruction continues upon it and leaders of all nations that have arms must be warned that the planetary being is capable of becoming angry and resetting itself. It appears it really is a case of “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34. When Ronald Reagan said.

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

He is correct, and the nations of our world know this still the carnage goes on. We are surrounded by developed ET Star Nations who know the cost of conflict and know also that mankind faces something hidden behind the scenes that seem hell-bent on the destruction of our world. Yet some leaders think such action is sane. It is far from sane and may trigger consequences we do not understand. When is a UFO threat actually an advanced warning? all nations must strive for peace in our world. For I believe things are not as they appear.

In Other News

My book I, Alien, Memoirs of a UFO Spy is now in the final editor corrections, with 92 illustrations that reflect my experiences. Reminds me of the world of Tolkien meets UFOs. It is a roller-coaster high octane read of Special Ops involving UFOs not governed by the rules of time and I will expand on this. Also, an interview with Tru TV and my Tik Tok has been added.


Will start blogging on a more regular basis.



What Do Aliens Think When Uri Geller Says Aliens Are Invading Earth? Tony Topping Writes…

Tony Topping I, Alien

Tony Topping’s forthcoming book I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy. A journey into the world of UFOs, Special Operations of a Psychic Nature and how the human spirit conquers all. From living in an abusive home in squalid housing conditions as a child to encounters with UFOs, art inspired by the ET contact experience, with ninety-seven illustrations. Contact


“We are not dealing with successive waves of visitations from space. We are dealing with a control system. …I cannot tell whether this control is … artificial in nature, under the power of some superhuman will. It may be entirely determined by laws that we have not yet discovered.” Jaques Vallee.

Where does it all end? The media is whirling towards an alien invasion threat. Where did it all begin, after all? Dealing with the UFO phenomenon got me up in some pretty mysterious antics as a forty-year veteran of Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE). It’s time to set the record straight, and some of it concerns Ukraine and the aliens in the sky above. The journey has been a long one with my alien encounters and so here I am talking about alien apocalyptic warnings is mind-boggling, not to mention darkly comical.

I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of what certain administrations want you to remain quiet about.

I can assure you, and give Uri a run for his money, that we are not being invaded by aliens, having been on the receiving end of what certain countries want to be kept quiet.  We’ve already been invaded it is very complex with alien factions opposing it. An invasion upon the human race is more Angel and Demon than extraterrestrial. The bible serves as a reference to all of this. But don’t take my word for it; look at the US agency Collins Elite, which got concerned about UFOs entering US airspace in 1950. Collins Elite was made up of Army, Navy, and FBI personnel. For James Bond fans the head of MI6 is called M, the head of the US Collins Elite had the mysterious title of Loftus Bridge. The US Remote Viewers under Project Stargate liaised and did Remote Viewing with Russia’s Special Forces, the secret hidden among all of this is that the US Remote Viewers working on Project Stargate communicated with Russia’s Special Ability Unit 10003 and did Remote Viewing with them. The documents I’ve seen aren’t in the public domain. This article in no way supports Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which I strongly oppose, and the riddle of the world being warned of this in 2014 by alien folks from another galaxy remains a mystery to me.

Russia and their Special Abilities Unit had their operatives look at biblical scripture, from the US intel side of things Lou Elizondo pointed to his DIA comrades in arms having theological reservations regarding the UFO phenomenon. Second, it appears that the Great Architect of the Universe also built parallel universes, since the bible referred to another dimension beyond our known reality. The truth about the TV drama Man in the High Castle is a mystery, the reality of life in a parallel world shrouded in secrecy. If that life is like humans do they face similar threats.

What about the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the religious aspect of the UFO situation? We must turn to Ray Boeche, I asked if this secret group known as the Writers were an element of the Collins Elite, Ray was baffled by the affair and could not decide either way on that, Pastor Ray Boeche was approached because the DIA had a problem with Non-Human Entities (NHE). According to the DIA agents. As Lou Elizondo has often chanted the Mantra “we do nor know what they are.” It appears US intelligence is equally baffled as to how to deal with it. We as a race are not prepared for what the alien mindset is like.

“One whistleblower contact of mine told me that not all aerial light phenomena are hard physical objects, but are “tears in the electromagnetic membrane between universes or dimensions.” That whistleblower told me that non-human entities from some other dimension have come into this universe/dimension from an unimaginable place through tears in the electromagnetic membrane between universes. That contact also
implied that we enlarged the “tears” with our atomic and hydrogen bomb testing from July 1945 to the 1960s”. 

“The Writers’ insistence that the non-human entities are not extraterrestrials might be understood if the NHEs are past, present, future time travelers or beings from other dimensions or even parallel universes. Those categories might not be considered by government insiders to be biology-from another-solar-system”

The agents of the DIA known as the Writers approached Ray Boeche and understood there was a demonic component to the UFO phenomena. In the writer’s opinion, an invasion by aliens begins in the area of the subconscious.

“Are we being toyed with by extraterrestrials? Are there sinister entities somewhere out there waiting to gain entrance into our minds
and hearts and souls through any means possible? And if so, why? Are we pawns in a cosmic chess game between the forces of light and
darkness?”— Ray Boeche, Th.D., Theologian, Paranormal Researcher, and Protestant Church Pastor

The US and Russian intelligence agencies’ paranormal units would have turned their subconscious signal processors to this reality and seen it vividly. The reality is that humans can be mentally manipulated into battle by forces beyond their control. There is still saber-rattling and the possibility of a World War, and it is at this point that those from the stars emerge to warn mankind rather than invade us.

In my book, I, Alien early paranormal incidents in sleep indicated in about 1997 of ET based in the oceans watching submarines, in the vision I had one of the UAP was seen to circle a submarine under the ocean. At the time I did not understand what it meant.

My experiences with UFOs have been extreme some of the secrets it carries I can talk of, some of it I can. And so Uri Geller states he heard alien chatter about invasion. In 2014 I saw them up close and personal and continue to do so. The question I then ask is when is a threat an actual warning. In 2014 I was doing some filming with UK E4 TV. On the morning before meeting E4  at London with years of Close Encounter experiences under my belt, the journals in my book I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy span Years 2001 to 2016, in them I write of a specific operation involving SCOVS or Special Contact Operation Very See. Where a secret liaison took place between humans and aliens. My art is inspired by my ET contact experiences and so I can safely say aliens are not invading they are warning.

I was awoken from an astonishing vision with Nordic ET on that morning in 2014. (tall blonde beings from Andromeda). They were issuing the warning at the height of the Ukraine crisis of that year. Except they aren’t bound by the laws of time, the warning from back then is just as pertinent today as it was then, and the art portrays the moment of that vision quite well.

Nordic Aliens Warning

The picture was quite clear, and it jolted me awake; the Nordic alien appeared to speak, but the sound was muted; I couldn’t hear him, but I could see him clearly. Later on, this would lead to an extraterrestrial conflict, which I describe in a chapter in my book called Collision. The UFOs warn, the clock’s countdown to coming conflict, and the Avatar on the left illuminates, symbolising heavenly intervention in human events. I was mysteriously told there are no winners in war. Leaders of the human world have been warned that something lurks in the shadows, and before he leads the globe into the third war in Europe, he should pay attention to what his psychic warriors perceive, since it will not be a pleasant conclusion.

The Nimitz Carrier Group event dominated the media when it came to UFO encounters. The US Navy refuses to acknowledge that some of these UFOs are from deep inside the ocean and use Earth as a base of operations. They could have disarmed the Navy ships, but they didn’t. There is a Cold War among aliens, and it is impossible for one ET race to invade Earth without the Alien UN’s collective equal noticing it. And I’m sure Uri agrees with me that the Creator of Heaven owns the world, humanity, and the sea of souls that is mankind. The fight between Angels and Demons continues, and humanity is caught in the middle of it. The US Navy is perhaps an important cog in all this and so we must open hailing frequencies and become more like Star Fleet Command than war-like humans. Mark my word that is where it is heading as mankind ventures into space. Meanwhile, the secret corruption of projects involving UFOs as talked of by Dr. Steven Greer remains a blot on the landscape for all the US as leader of the free world stands for.

You may look at the fascinating story of Ray Boeche being approached by DIA agents on the link below. With thanks to Ray Boeche, for permission to use his briefing document, Joseph McMoneagle, and Gen Alexi Savin, for guiding me along a rocky road.

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ITV This Morning Contributor Tony Topping Authors New Book I, Alien. TBA

Tony Topping I, Alien


A boy in a town in Yorkshire age 10 walks down the street to a scrapyard with a pram full of scrap to sell for his parents who had no money, living in a squalid house with no bathroom, no heating, and subjected to abuse often his book is about the human spirit conquering adversity and in later years his participation as an asset involving contact with UFOs. Ninety-seven illustrations and an iconic saga like no other are woven into every page.

Tony Topping writes for the first time of his extraordinary clandestine saga of contact with aliens and UFOs. A survivor of abuse his forty-year odyssey in dealing with the UFO phenomena also portrays the human spirit conquering adversity. It includes his secret UFO diaries never seen before. His writing is testimony to one of the most extraordinary UFO contact stories told. The pages within are carrying a baffling paradox that the paranormal experiences Tony had were caused by mysterious forces who knew long before he did that this book would be written. I, ALIEN when science fiction meets real life.

Tony Topping’s Alien Encounter Experience For World UFO Day

Art of I Alien
Tony Topping’s digital art is inspired by his interaction with UFOs.

I am a contact experiencer and have been on the frontline of the UFO phenomena for a number of years in a world of denial and threat of global war I have seen beyond this mad world, that we are not alone and so for World UFO Day I thought I would share a story from my forthcoming book I, Alien: The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma. I own the experience that happened to me, I will never forget her, and then one may ask who is her.? She is someone not of this earth and we as a collective humanity are being lied to. The big issue of course is that UFOs are a threat and that we do not know what they are. That is the mantra and a curious lie it is. For the US government and UK government reached sobering conclusions that earth has been visited by aliens for a long time and a curious law is evoked that if you are the man in the street contact with aliens is illegal. The question is who is saying it is illegal and who decides that UFOs are a threat and what is to be disclosed to humanity. For it is true that in the enforced truth embargo the elephant in the room towards Disclosure is alien. The information from the US reference UAP is not new, the UK DI55 knew this a number of years ago under Project Condign. In the 1960s and 50s, Contactees were all the rage, from Adamski to Van Tassel. Yet the modern contactee of today suffers an onslaught like no other and part of it is alien. What I am proposing is an alien force controls what mankind knows of them from behind the scenes and the contact experiencer, those of us who have had communication with this phenomena quickly learn that some of these alien visitors are evolved. We appear to want Disclosure yet the manifestation of a war with Russia or China is equally apparent and we are being warned by those in the UFOs and so the question arises when is the UFO threat actually a warning to the governments of our world.

For it is apparent and insane that they would sooner have a third war than tell the truth of what is truly going on behind the scenes let me then in celebrating World UFO Day reflect on one of many contact experiences with those from the skies above who are evolved spiritually and mentally my interaction spans over 40 years and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I went through a time in my life of being mentally broken, my forthcoming book also sheds light on a childhood in 80s Britain that was like living in slum conditions. My mother developed dementia a horrendous condition and at 3 am when there was nobody else there to change her, I would do that and lift her out of the bed and put her back into a fresh bed and I was the loneliest man in the world, the UFOs were never far away and my mother lost the battle to the illness in 2018, in that year I also lost the house I lived in. This is a common problem for carers losing loved ones. It was also at that time that I had a hernia problem that was causing some concern and it needed to be removed, and so I had to move house, cope with my loss and have major hernia surgery all in the same year. The other factor to bring in is that it is known although never discussed that some of us who have hac such experiences with UFOs are mysteriously targeted by what is termed Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, some of the harassment is high tech and mind invasive but that is another discussion for with it being World UFO Day I want to acknowledge the woman who saved my sanity after such a harrowing ordeal.

I moved to Southport here in the UK and moved into a flat, I was very lucky the church in Southport had found me somewhere near the Marine Lake I recall cracking up and crying in front of the staff as it was such a relief to find somewhere after the stress of bereavement and possible looming homeless problem. I had my hernia surgery and there were interactions with the UFOs around that, which I describe in my book. But I want to thank that special lady who is not human, who flew over the lake in her craft to help me. I know, it sounds wacko but it is my experience, it will never be taken away from me and so my experiences are about breaking mental barriers and becoming a better man and I have earned my green beret.

My life was in chaos I had lost my mother who I cared for, I had been operated on and was suffering bizarre symptoms of mental exhaustion, wherein the afternoons I would be flat on my back with no energy. I was a broken man and the clandestine activities of the UFOs I had witnessed gave me no peace. It was with that in mind that I contacted a fellow experiencer in the US and explained my story. This lady wishes to remain anonymous as it is not sometimes safe for contact experiencers. I indicated to her the onslaught that I faced, the paranormal activity generated by the UFOs, and the subsequent paranormal recoil were causing me havoc. She replied she would speak to those ET she was in communication with and that is when an intervention occurred like no other.

An accurate example of the UFO that appeared over the Marine Lake Southport.

On a typical afternoon of utter dispair I wandered to the Marine Lake and sat in exhaustion and contemplation over all that had happened, I looked up and noted the appearance of a triangle craft with three pink lights on it, there for a few seconds and gone. In the distance was a very bright light that seemed to move from left to right, it was about 3 pm and it happened very quickly. I felt the exhaustion lift from me and after this incident, it did not return, in the weeks and years ahead I would reach some very different conclusions about UFOs different from the media spin and my assessment is I believe correct and so the exhaustion stopped and I was left in wonder as to how my friend who was a contact experiencer may have triggered this event. I have been involved in this subject for a very long time and the reality is contact operations with UFOs will happen. But let me continue with this story, for history’s sake if nothing else. Having had the exhaustion lifted from me I was greatly puzzled as to what I had witnessed, who was behind the Marine Lake UFO.

The Marine Lake UFO. An example.

It was during the taking of an afternoon nap that I was greeted by a most astounding sight as I slept, of a woman who did not look human and was certainly alien, yet had human characteristics, a blend of human and alien looked at me, green skin, bald head and yet exuding a most beautiful radiant energy, she indicated that although her people had advanced technology we may not see or hear all that goes on, and it appeared that even though I had UFO interactions spanning years, this was the first time her people had heard of my continual ordeal, she indicated that she would be observing events. I cannot even put into words her grace and intelligence. But it proved one thing that we are not alone and we are being lied to regarding the issue of UFOs being a threat. The threat issue is a very complex picture and if I was briefing our key decision-makers I would speak of the cold war among aliens, of certain human elements being misled by ET in the acquisition of technology, and of an open invite for humanity to take its place in the galactic community. Instead, when it comes to aliens and the most prized secrets about them a certain government took a wrong turn and bought a UFO from alien salesmen they did not know in return for the technology they paid the price ever since and so should the US take a courageous step to open hailing frequencies and talk to the aliens, humanity may discover more. Diplomacy and not war in the wider galactic community makes sense.

As for my alien friend who identified herself as being from Arcturus I will never forget her, and she is present out there part of a universal sisterhood, and here is the kicker as we rise above the lie that is being told. You could place her on any TV daytime chat show and she will tell you of her world and what it’s like to be a mother, just like being a mother on earth, for a monumental lie is being told about this and we think it is for our protection, yet it is not, it is to cover up an unspeakable truth. And what is that truth, as a contact experiencer it has to remain unspeakable and so on World UFO Day I remember her and the others who have steered me away from a certain fate.

Actual UAP Filmed Near Marine Lake Southport.

Broadcaster, Author, and researcher Tony Topping films a UFO near his home and it is his alien encounters that inspired the digital art for his forthcoming book in June I, Alien: The Mystery of the UFO Enigma. The footage shows Tony filming the noiseless UFO followed by an artistic interpretation of what the cockpit of the craft may look like there are many interesting images inspired by alien contact for his new book. Tony says “I expect more to be filmed in the Marine Lake area, and to celebrate an earlier UFO contact at the Marine Lake involving a triangle UFO with three pink lights, we are using a 3d printer to create a working model of the contact experience, at a time in my life when I lost my mother to dementia, had to move house and have major all in the same year. His book is an autobiography of leading a clandestine life revolving around the UFO phenomena and is going to be quite a shocking read as Tony writes of his involvement in an operation called Special Contact Operation Very See that forms part of any advanced communication network between an earth agency and aliens

I Alien The Biography of Tony Topping
I, Alien The Mysterious Reality of the UFO Enigma.






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