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There has been quite a lot going on since my last Blog, which involves getting the book written, now in the final stage, and also my digital art reflecting forty years of experiences with UFOs behind the scenes. Recent developments in Ukraine certainly have a paranormal element to them, and it is of note that Russia had a Paranormal Unit similar to Project Stargate. A General called Boris Ratnikov formed a unit called The Department of Mental Security, to protect Boris Yeltsin from undue mental influence from the psychic arena. I assume the General would turn in his grave if he witnessed the utter lunacy that is being carried out upon the people of Ukraine. With the Russian unit, it was all about information channels, and I wonder based on the current situation what influence a world leader can be under in this modern world to cause such destruction to innocent people and consider it sane. As the ET have voiced, “humans are taught that war and violence are perfectly normal.” But here is the kicker. I am a signal processor a walking talking paranormal radio telescope through no fault of my own. I have had this all my life. When the Russian leader triggered events that mirror the 1930s leading to war, he should be warned and should all world leaders of what exactly we are as a race doing to our world.

I wonder as our Prime Minister sleeps if he needs a department of mental security around him as the mind has no firewall. Russia as do other nations continues on a path of conflict while not understanding the signal information environment of the mysterious forces around mankind and so I share an experience regarding the movement of these forces, it began years back where on the beach at Formby after the loss of my mother, I held my head in my hands and wept, I felt the earth speak and heard a bizarre trumpet type sound. I did not understand at first. But these forces beyond aliens have the power to communicate.

I will fast forward to current events, I have had a roller coaster ride of contact experiences, but the one I wish to focus on is this:

I am awoken from what appears to be trumpet sounds but they are not trumpets. What I am hearing is a call, a distress call like a whale song across the cosmos to the creator of worlds. Crying in anguish. It was the earth itself a planetary being in distress, as the destruction continues upon it and leaders of all nations that have arms must be warned that the planetary being is capable of becoming angry and resetting itself. It appears it really is a case of “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34. When Ronald Reagan said.

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

He is correct, and the nations of our world know this still the carnage goes on. We are surrounded by developed ET Star Nations who know the cost of conflict and know also that mankind faces something hidden behind the scenes that seem hell-bent on the destruction of our world. Yet some leaders think such action is sane. It is far from sane and may trigger consequences we do not understand. When is a UFO threat actually an advanced warning? all nations must strive for peace in our world. For I believe things are not as they appear.

In Other News

My book I, Alien, Memoirs of a UFO Spy is now in the final editor corrections, with 92 illustrations that reflect my experiences. Reminds me of the world of Tolkien meets UFOs. It is a roller-coaster high octane read of Special Ops involving UFOs not governed by the rules of time and I will expand on this. Also, an interview with Tru TV and my Tik Tok has been added.


Will start blogging on a more regular basis.