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Tony Topping I, Alien


A boy in a town in Yorkshire age 10 walks down the street to a scrapyard with a pram full of scrap to sell for his parents who had no money, living in a squalid house with no bathroom, no heating, and subjected to abuse often his book is about the human spirit conquering adversity and in later years his participation as an asset involving contact with UFOs. Ninety-seven illustrations and an iconic saga like no other are woven into every page.

Tony Topping writes for the first time of his extraordinary clandestine saga of contact with aliens and UFOs. A survivor of abuse his forty-year odyssey in dealing with the UFO phenomena also portrays the human spirit conquering adversity. It includes his secret UFO diaries never seen before. His writing is testimony to one of the most extraordinary UFO contact stories told. The pages within are carrying a baffling paradox that the paranormal experiences Tony had were caused by mysterious forces who knew long before he did that this book would be written. I, ALIEN when science fiction meets real life.

Tony Topping Appears On ITV This Morning The Latest UFO Revelations

Tony Topping tells Dermot & Alison that although there is much hype regarding the recent Pentagon report a number of years ago a department with the MOD known as DI55 (a section of the Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence (DSTI) within the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) had done a very interesting report on the UAP phenomena called Project Condign. Written by a Professor now in his eighties who does not want to be in the public eye, DI55 was ahead of the game, you may find the Project Condign Executive Summary Here. And the Pentagon Preliminary UAP Assessment 

Additional Information

Although for the public and the media UFO has since become a synonym for alien spaceship,‟ for the military forces of the world it is simply refers to something in the sky the observer can see but does not recognise. In the vast majority of cases, investigations have discovered ordinary explanations for UFO reports such as bright stars and planets, meteors, artificial satellites, balloons, aircraft seen from unusual angles and space junk burning up in the atmosphere. However, there are some cases on record where no common explanation can be found. For the Ministry of Defence, these types of report remain „unidentified‟ rather than „extraterrestrial‟. Some branches of
the MoD, such as the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS), prefer the term UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) to describe those UFOs that remain unidentified. UAP does not  existence of an object of extraterrestrial origin.

“there has been lots of talk about UFOs recently but you may have also seen the term ‘UAP’ cropping up more often. UAP is actually a new term for UFO that is supposed to have less of a stigma attached.

UAP stands for ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

UFO stands for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’

Many experts in the field found UFO was being ridiculed and reports were not being taken seriously. It’s thought UAP is a more professional term and it’s becoming increasingly more common as the US begins to seriously discuss “UFO/UAP sightings. The United States Office of Naval Intelligence now has a Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) program. It collects reported sightings of mysterious flying objects. UAP doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a suspected ‘alien craft’ sighting. Some people think using the term UAP will get sightings taken more seriously. It’s thought over 90% of UFO sightings have a reasonable explanation However, recent footage released by the pentagon of strange flying objects is still baffling experts.” Charlotte Edwards

Tony Topping Launches New Podcast Alien Confidential

Tony Topping returns with his Alien Confidential Podcast, streaming across Access North West Community Radio & Spreaker  and associated platforms. His mission is to explore the UFO phenomena worldwide and build an audio database.

Tony hopes to turn it into an iconic TV show for all who have come into contact with UFOs. His first guest is David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group. Broadcast weekly Sunday 8pm GMT and across Access Northwest at 10pm GMT. Tony brings his depth of experience as the man in the street who was subjected to experiences beyond science fiction. This is all by popular demand not only is Tony’s story about UFOs but also the human spirit conquering adverse circumstances.

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential Ep1 Special Guest David Hodrien On Spreaker

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential on AWS Community Radio 10pm GMT

Our guest for the first edition of Alien Confidential is Dave Hodrien who is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, and a regular contributor to UFO Truth Magazine. He has appeared on television and radio numerous times, and previously written for Outer Limits, Paranormal Magazine and UFO Matrix. He has spoken at many well-known conferences and groups, and even given educational classes on UFO investigation. BUFOG has been running since late 2007 and has grown from strength-to-strength into one of the UK’s most active and highly regarded UFO organizations. Since its inception, Dave has directly investigated over 1000 UFO sightings and over 300 contact cases from around the world. He believes that the evidence available points towards regular interaction between numerous intelligent extra-terrestrial species and the human race.

Tony Topping Latest Book & Film Four Interest An Update.

Tony Topping UFOs & ET Contact

Tony Topping is currently working on his incredible book Revelations of a Paranormal Intelligence Asset.

Revelations of a Paranormal Intelligence Asset

This an expose of the world John Le Carré does not write about, as Tony is stalked by intelligence operatives whom seem to know all about the UFO events surrounding him, engaging in a private war with shadowy people.

Life in the Paranormal Combat Zone

Tony was catapulted into a world of secrets as he tried to piece together why he had UFOs appearing over his home, why mysterious Men In Black type agents were following him, in a hair raising and shocking saga of involvement in contact with UFOs beyond the set media narrative. Using data from his unpublished journals Tony was part of a unique intelligence operation to gather information on UFOs. That snowballed into something very big. An expose of corruption and abuse in pursuit of maintaining the secret we are not alone. Tony’s story of contact with UFOs and a resulting UFO type Cold War makes you not want to book the book down. A battle of darkness against light as one agency upon earth not governed by the rules of time makes contact with advanced extraterrestrials.

Well Known Film Company Expresses Interest In Tony’s Work.


Well known UK film company Film Four is beginning an exploration of the elements of Tony’s work to transform it to the big screen, early exploration filming and allocation of funding has commenced for the project. Tony’s mother who he lost to dementia in 2018 would have been very proud of him. Jason Gleaves part of Tony’s team has revamped some of Tony’s images to show the flyovers of the UFO craft that began the saga. UFOs as an art form and the strength of the human spirit against impossible odds will make what is hoped to be a great film.

Storming Area 51 An Unorthodox View Tony Topping talkRADIO

Tony Topping UFO Encounters of the High Strange Kind, One of the UK’s Most Recognised TV & Radio Guests, UFO Journalist & Contactee.

Tony has been at the sharp end of the UFO encounters. He is of the appears as was Eisenhower that a nefarious UFO cover up is in place. Tony was targeted by an unknown agency with MKULTRA technology. For which there is no mental health diagnostic. He has stated that he has had personal encounters with UFO occupants.

Tony takes an unorthodox view that the storming of Area 51 is not a wise move and nothing can be achieved from it, apart from further lock down of secrecy in the information civil war that is going on. In this interview he also takes an educated guess that the possibility of foreign agencies causing trouble may also be an issue, for this Chapman Pincher gives an invaluable clue.

Tony Topping’s Incident With An Emerald Green UFO.

Tony Topping is a covert witness to UFO encounters of the high strange kind, now one of the UK’s most recognised TV and radio guests, contactee & UFO Journalist.

Taken by surprise on a Sunday evening Tony Topping explains an incident with a UFO that glided in over the roof tops emerald green in colour, changing from red to green and flying off gracefully at speed, hear Tony’s commentary and image analysis comparison pointing out the UFO was not a police helicopter. Note his curious ref to “she” as in female pilot. Another fascinating commentary.

Fantasists & the Real World of Contact With UFOs Tony Topping on Talk Radio

Tony Topping speaks to presenter Cristo Foufas on Talk Radio about the hazards of meeting fantasists who think they are government spies, MI5 arrested an alien who looked like a duck in Birmingham so one fantasist told Tony, listen to the extraordinary story of Tony’s continuing saga of contact with UFOs and being stalked by real life Dr Strangelove type agents, you couldn’t make it up…a price you cannot put into words is paid for contact with UFOs.

Contact With UFO Occupants the Latest From Tony Topping

Please enjoy the various images of UFOs taken over Yorkshire and Southport. With thanks to artist Lloyd Canning.for bringing to life the vision communicated by those from the UFOs.

A UFO contact experiencer looses his mother after 8 long years of battling against dementia, moves to another town and has a hospital operation all in the same year. A lot for any man to take.

While recovering in the hospital from the operation an extraordinary encounter took place with a female ET, the story and background to all that has gone on with those behind the UFOs has extraordinary implications. Thank you for viewing

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