Tony Topping returns with his Alien Confidential Podcast, streaming across Access North West Community Radio & Spreaker  and associated platforms. His mission is to explore the UFO phenomena worldwide and build an audio database.

Tony hopes to turn it into an iconic TV show for all who have come into contact with UFOs. His first guest is David Hodrien of Birmingham UFO Group. Broadcast weekly Sunday 8pm GMT and across Access Northwest at 10pm GMT. Tony brings his depth of experience as the man in the street who was subjected to experiences beyond science fiction. This is all by popular demand not only is Tony’s story about UFOs but also the human spirit conquering adverse circumstances.

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential Ep1 Special Guest David Hodrien On Spreaker

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential on AWS Community Radio 10pm GMT

Our guest for the first edition of Alien Confidential is Dave Hodrien who is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, and a regular contributor to UFO Truth Magazine. He has appeared on television and radio numerous times, and previously written for Outer Limits, Paranormal Magazine and UFO Matrix. He has spoken at many well-known conferences and groups, and even given educational classes on UFO investigation. BUFOG has been running since late 2007 and has grown from strength-to-strength into one of the UK’s most active and highly regarded UFO organizations. Since its inception, Dave has directly investigated over 1000 UFO sightings and over 300 contact cases from around the world. He believes that the evidence available points towards regular interaction between numerous intelligent extra-terrestrial species and the human race.