The autobiography of Tony Topping and his forty five year journey into the world of operations with UFOs. Featuring his shocking unpublished chronicles and iconic art work of the dramatic operations involving contact with aliens and UFOs. The cover shows the Nordic Andromeda ET female who Tony spoke to and the triangle UFO who is a being in it’s own right with a story all of it’s own to tell. From combat incidents across the hyper spatial realm, to the story of how those in the UFOs saved his life. Losing his mother to dementia, the house he lived in to be vacated. He moved to another area and had to have major hernia surgery all in the same year. It was after the surgery that he saw more of those in the UFOs and the saga continued.

“The world needs to know what has happened too me. We are not alone in the universe, we are being lied to and so my historic saga begins I, Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles. This story is as much about strength of spirit in adversity as it is about contact with aliens, There is some shocking abuse I was subjected to a Dante’s inferno you cannot place into words. “

“No finer example of making you understand the mind set I was up against is the dramatic scenes from the film The Bourne Ultimatum set on Waterloo station, a Guardian journalist has uncovered the operation called Black Briar, Black Briar is the code name for illegal mind control operations and in the film, what you are seeing in this book is a form of Black Briar but at a more advanced level as they attempt to brutally hack into my world to see what I can see and to glean vital intelligence for their own unaccountable ends via the UFOs that flew over my home. It escalating into a very large operation to speak to those in the UFOs that I was a part of involving one agency, an alien cold war and communication with those beings from other worlds like no other.

Below the incident across a road junction with an AS555 helicopter filming Tony at the height of the UFOs engaging him over his house in Yorkshire.

The years I spent with you were precious times. I’d do it all again, and I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there when you departed this world. The last words you said were that you wanted an ice cream, and I hope they serve them in heaven. We fought bravely, and I’ll never forget what a lovely kind soul you were. Even in the toughest times of dementia you still smiled at me and told me how much you loved me.

You would look up at me when you knew your time was short and tell me I was your darling son. Never forget, Anthony, you are a true man. Thank you for all you did. I had no idea four days later you would pass over. I am so sorry my darling mother. I could have done more. You said I had done enough and as a son I had gone beyond the call of duty. I tried to win the battle, but alas, you did not make it.

They were wonderful years, I wish they would return. Waking in the night, often with you, doing all I could, took me to the edge and made me stronger. It also changed me from boy to man very quickly. And so, Mother, I dedicate this book too you, for without you none of these events would of happened. You were the catalyst; you were the teacher like no other. This book is written in your memory. You should never have gone through such an ordeal.

As you said from the afterlife, I will always be your child; the bravest boy, my boy, you said. You are still the bravest of women who played her part, unseen by the world.

So my darling Mother, I write for you.

Your loving Son, forever.