The John Lewis advert accurately portrays what contact with UFOs is all about and  I started to receive an email asking if my forthcoming book I, Alien Memoirs of a UFO Spy, inspired the recent John Lewis advert. What inspired me was how Director Dougal Wilson captured the reality of peaceful contact with aliens. Here I describe my extraordinary story, one of many incidents involving UFOs and courage when faced with extreme adversity. The video contains digital art that I am proud of, inspired by his book I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy is to be TBA.

Interaction with ET is a fascinating and at times daunting experience. We are as collective humanity being lied to and in the media mood music as portrayed in the US media regarding the recent Pentagon Disclosure, the mantra is “We do not know what they are.” That is a blatant lie connected to a long and complex history of corruption with the framework of the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects arena. Contact experiencers are also subjected to harassment and are targeted. More importantly, some of these beings are highly evolved making the lie to humanity all the more farcical but do not take my word for it, ask the aliens, who may tell you of the alien Cold War in the skies above us. I will never forget the female ET I interacted with, and in celebration of her my digital art is reflected in this short film about contact with aliens, at a time when I lost everything.