In this edition vital insights from a forty year saga of dealing with UFOs looking at the three security issues UFOs create, you will not hear this on CNN. As we take the viewer into areas considered secret and define with urgency what our military forces do have to face. Are Nordic ET monitoring earth”s environment. Explained in simple terms the legality of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects remain of deepest concern, Meanwhile the sea levels continue to rise and nature can be factored in as a threat to mankind. The image taken is of UFOs buzzing Tony’s home in Yorkshire in 1999 from his forthcoming book Revelations of a Paranormal Intelligence Asset.

Tony also comment on the fascinating white light type of UFO as seen for example on Columbo, this UFO is part of a maritime race of beings, because ET is not governed by time it is possible that there presence in this clip is not a coincidence.