The I Alien Chronicles Ep 1 The SAS & Alien Invasion Media Spin


Tony Topping gets into the heart of the media spin regarding a so called alien invasion, UK Special Forces have some real legends to speak of when it comes to high strangeness, including confrontations with Polar Men in Antarctica. Tony’s 45 years of experience with High Strange leads him to look at a strategic picture that is a unique Estimate of the Situation, it is not an invasion coming from the skies above, but we are witnessing an alien Cold War. Lookout for more podcasts from the Alien Chronicles series. Tony’s forthcoming book I Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles TBA. Some know there is an unspeakable truth regarding these matters.

UFOs What The New York Times Is Not Telling You

Involved in the UFO phenomena for over forty years, Tony Topping adds his unique commentary to recent events in the media regarding UFOs. His new book I, Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles is currently being written. Here Tony discloses what the US Navy cannot talk of and gives a very simple yet effective story as to why UFO disclosure is blocked. Giving insight into a Covert World hidden from view. When it comes to UFOs it is not all plain sailing for the military.

The Book I, Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles is dedicated to my mother.

Dear Mum,

The years I spent with you were precious times. I’d do it all again, and I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there when you departed this world. The last words you said were that you wanted an ice cream, and I hope they serve them in heaven. We fought bravely, and I’ll never forget what a lovely kind soul you were.

Even in the toughest times of dementia you still smiled at me and told me how much you loved me. You would look up at me when you knew your time was short and tell me I was your darling son. Never forget, Anthony, you are a true man. Thank you for all you did. I had no idea four days later you would pass over. I am so sorry my darling mother. I could have done more. You said I had done enough and as a son I had gone beyond the call of duty. I tried to win the battle, but alas, you did not make it.

They were wonderful years, I wish they would return. Waking in the night, often with you, doing all I could, took me to the edge and made me stronger. It also changed me from boy to man very quickly. And so, Mother, I dedicate this book too you, for without you none of these events would of happened.

You were the catalyst; you were the teacher like no other. This book is written in your memory. You should never have gone through such an ordeal.
As you said from the afterlife, I will always be your child; the bravest boy, my boy, you said. You are still the bravest of women who played her part, unseen by the world.

So, my darling Mother, I write for you.

Your loving Son, forever


Luis Elizondo Presents the History of AATIP

TTS Academy Special Programs Director, Luis Elizondo, gives an official presentation on the history of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that he ran up until 2017. You’ll learn what AATIP is, what it isn’t, as well as receive a status update on the current state of affairs for the future of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena research.

Tony Topping Talks UFO On XLR Radio

Most UFOs are explained easily ninety five percent of them. But what of the five percent and what happens when you realise UFOs come from other worlds and you start to interact with them, have a listen to this interview on XLR Kent.


Tony Topping “gets to the bottom” of the paranormal, other world and UFOs on the breakfast show. Not to be missed.

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