Tony Topping Appears On Tattoo Fixers Series 5 Episode 12.

Tony Topping caught the attention of the Tattoo Fixers production team and was given a tattoo by sketch to reflect his experiences. He had recently lost his mother shortly before filming and had a serious stomach hernia, a combination of factors led to this after caring for his mother who had dementia. It was quite a year for Tony but the team did him proud.

The Story of How A Spook From German Defence Intelligence Phoned UK UFO Researcher Tony Topping

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The strange incident of receiving a phone call from a man called Klaus claiming to represent the German Government asking questions about Tony Topping’s UFO encounters raises important themes based on End of Days, The Gulf Breeze 6 military personnel from Germany who went AWOL due to UFO encounters, The AI of Triangle UFOs and communication with Nordic ET, In this piece to camera Tony explains what happened too him after speaking at a conference and being filmed by UK TV. His contact with Nordic ET and the fascinating kinship to the people of Royal Families before All The Land Was Ice (ATLANDIS) (All, The, Land, Is. Ice.) Was it a crank call ? Tony keeps an open mind, but the conversation raised matters of great interest as Tony has often said people who claim to work as government spies are an occupational hazard in his line of unorthodox work.
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