Tony Topping On TalkTV China Detects Alien Signal Removes Story From Social Media.

Tony Topping joins Kevin O’Sullivan on TalkTV, discussing China and the recent discovery of an alien signal.

Tony Topping informative as ever tells Kevin why he thinks the Chinese Government deleted information from social media regarding the discovery of an alien signal, Tony believes some type of ET civilization occupies our oceans and governments are unsure of the way forward with the UAP phenomena.

Fantasists & the Real World of Contact With UFOs Tony Topping on Talk Radio

Tony Topping speaks to presenter Cristo Foufas on Talk Radio about the hazards of meeting fantasists who think they are government spies, MI5 arrested an alien who looked like a duck in Birmingham so one fantasist told Tony, listen to the extraordinary story of Tony’s continuing saga of contact with UFOs and being stalked by real life Dr Strangelove type agents, you couldn’t make it up…a price you cannot put into words is paid for contact with UFOs.
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