Tic Tac UFO Filmed By Tony Topping @ Southport UK Open Communication Channels.

For a number of weeks, the UFOs remained silent until the other evening when a Tic Tac type UAP appeared once again over Tony breaking the silence and lack of over flights by them for a number of weeks. The media spin of alien invasion hides behind it a dark comedy of corruption and a type of alien Cold War. That is the remaining secret. It is my assessment that this particular type of UFO that has been around me since 1997 is part of a maritime ET group that is trying to signal to signal to us. Which is why we should jaw, jaw with the aliens and not war, war. For example, is the craft using motor systems that are beyond human understanding. If they wanted to have had a go at the Nimitz Carrier Group they could have done so. The agenda of those behind the craft is I hope a peaceful one. Alas, our military has to be on guard. It is a jungle out there.

Further analysis by Jason Gleaves gives it that real Project Hessdalen feel.

“The light flair it appears to omit could be brought out due to the enhancement techniques applied, but the spherical shaped object/orb appears to have a central core with the plasma/aura surrounding its entire circumference.”

ITV This Morning Contributor Tony Topping Authors New Book I, Alien. TBA

Tony Topping I, Alien


A boy in a town in Yorkshire age 10 walks down the street to a scrapyard with a pram full of scrap to sell for his parents who had no money, living in a squalid house with no bathroom, no heating, and subjected to abuse often his book is about the human spirit conquering adversity and in later years his participation as an asset involving contact with UFOs. Ninety-seven illustrations and an iconic saga like no other are woven into every page.

Tony Topping writes for the first time of his extraordinary clandestine saga of contact with aliens and UFOs. A survivor of abuse his forty-year odyssey in dealing with the UFO phenomena also portrays the human spirit conquering adversity. It includes his secret UFO diaries never seen before. His writing is testimony to one of the most extraordinary UFO contact stories told. The pages within are carrying a baffling paradox that the paranormal experiences Tony had were caused by mysterious forces who knew long before he did that this book would be written. I, ALIEN when science fiction meets real life.

Tony Topping Latest Book & Film Four Interest An Update.

Tony Topping UFOs & ET Contact

Tony Topping is currently working on his incredible book Revelations of a Paranormal Intelligence Asset.

Revelations of a Paranormal Intelligence Asset

This an expose of the world John Le Carré does not write about, as Tony is stalked by intelligence operatives whom seem to know all about the UFO events surrounding him, engaging in a private war with shadowy people.

Life in the Paranormal Combat Zone

Tony was catapulted into a world of secrets as he tried to piece together why he had UFOs appearing over his home, why mysterious Men In Black type agents were following him, in a hair raising and shocking saga of involvement in contact with UFOs beyond the set media narrative. Using data from his unpublished journals Tony was part of a unique intelligence operation to gather information on UFOs. That snowballed into something very big. An expose of corruption and abuse in pursuit of maintaining the secret we are not alone. Tony’s story of contact with UFOs and a resulting UFO type Cold War makes you not want to book the book down. A battle of darkness against light as one agency upon earth not governed by the rules of time makes contact with advanced extraterrestrials.

Well Known Film Company Expresses Interest In Tony’s Work.


Well known UK film company Film Four is beginning an exploration of the elements of Tony’s work to transform it to the big screen, early exploration filming and allocation of funding has commenced for the project. Tony’s mother who he lost to dementia in 2018 would have been very proud of him. Jason Gleaves part of Tony’s team has revamped some of Tony’s images to show the flyovers of the UFO craft that began the saga. UFOs as an art form and the strength of the human spirit against impossible odds will make what is hoped to be a great film.

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