The I Alien Chronicles Ep 1 The SAS & Alien Invasion Media Spin


Tony Topping gets into the heart of the media spin regarding a so called alien invasion, UK Special Forces have some real legends to speak of when it comes to high strangeness, including confrontations with Polar Men in Antarctica. Tony’s 45 years of experience with High Strange leads him to look at a strategic picture that is a unique Estimate of the Situation, it is not an invasion coming from the skies above, but we are witnessing an alien Cold War. Lookout for more podcasts from the Alien Chronicles series. Tony’s forthcoming book I Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles TBA. Some know there is an unspeakable truth regarding these matters.

Tony Topping Book Update I, Alien Publication Date TBA

ialien the secret ufo chronicles

This is a book of secrets. A story of strength in adversity. And an iconic journey showing we are not alone in the universe. With contributions by various artists to bring communication with extraterrestrial intelligence to life. Testimony from former White Hat military who wish to remain in the shadows it we are not being told the truth. We are not alone. The book is a paradox, others knew it was written before the author wrote it.

The Chronicles that were sat on Tony’s shelf for years and were nearly thrown out after the loss of his mother. Form the core of the book, it details operations not related to time, that is the mystery. The book might need to be classed as fiction, to protect the innocent. But the events written are far removed from fiction and are real. For it is where science fiction meets real life. Publication TBA.

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