Tony Topping’s Latest News: His New Book & Film Project Plus New Podcast Alien Confidential.

Tony Topping UFOs & ET Contact

Imagine the scene if you can, a ten year old boy who is suffering abuse he has kept quiet about the abuse and is walking to a scrap metal merchants. With a pram which in his imagination is a tank. To sell scrap metal for his parents who have no money. He is living in a house with no bath or heating and an outside toilet in 1980s Britain. So begin the incredible story of Tony’s new book I, Alien: The Secret UFO Chronicles. The illustrations that brings the saga of Tony’s clandestine life with the UFOs are staggering, as is the story of Tony catapulted into a paranormal information gathering operation called Very See that form the Chronicle part of the book. Very See is an information network not governed by the rules of time that triggers an alien Cold War in the skies above.

At one of Tony Topping’s most demanding points of his life a UFO appears on scene near the Marine Lake Southport in this example.


The book is ready for editing and one incredible piece of art called Avatar of Arcturus, which celebrates communication with a UFO at the Marine Lake in Southport, after losing his mother, the house he cared for her in and a requirement of major hernia surgery all in 2018.

Film Project.

Tony is also pleased to announce that a well known film company and it’s award winning director have approached him to make a short film about people who have to cope with living strange lives. Picked from a selection of individuals it was Tony’s incredible UFO story that proved a winner. Tony will make further announcements on this as it develops.

Tony’s New Podcast Alien Confidential…The Paranormal 007.

Tony new podcast Alien Confidential broadcasts will be added to the site, witness the strange incident of a voice on one of the Podcasts featuring Michael Lee Hill it is not Tony or the guest.

n this edition of Alien Confidential Tony freaks out as a voice appears on the recording that is not Michael Lee Hill, nor is it Tony and says the word “peace.” Tony’s guest is Michael Lee Hill a UFO contactee and featured on UFO Hunters. We talk about UFOs, the Annunaki and the Wingmakers with the mysterious BST technology and the identity of the Wingmakers leader, Fifteen. A belter of a broadcast. And listen for the mysterious voice and the word “peace.” In the broadcast at the end.

Tony Topping’s Alien Confidential Special Guest Grant Cameron

Tony Topping speaks to Grant Cameron the writer of Tony’s foreword regarding UFOs, his early work. Charlie Red Star , The government of Canada and Project Magnet, Grant talks of his latest book and the dynamics of the UFO cover up, including the alien fear porn in circulation. An unmissable show,

Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He became involved in Ufology as the Vietnam War ended in May 1975 with personal sightings of a UFO type object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. That story will be released July 1 by Dundurn Press in a book titled, Tales of Charlie Red Star.

The Unorthodox Air Picture of a UFO Sky Watch.

Tony Topping led a Sky Watch in Wales and is closely watching the skies above. With the crowd looking upwards, Tony Topping a veteran of the high strange world, tells us what was happening. Tony began his journey at age 2 and has an extensive website. His biggest occupational hazard is not that of being labelled crazy, but being stalked and approached by people who claim to be government agents or spies. The darkly comical issue is that Tony has come under surveillance and did get a strange phone call from a man who claimed to be from German Intelligence asking questions about UFOs.

On the night of August 2nd 2019 between 10pm and 00.30 strange activity began at a camp site near Ruabon in Wales. The UFOs have been seen many times by Tony who strongly maintains that some are coming from bases from our oceans. Tony says “there is an unwritten law that indicates if you as the man or woman in the street have contact with people (aliens) then you will come under the most bizarre and darkly comical surveillance, including mind control which I would not wish on anyone.”

Tony has often seen UFOs over the years and has a comprehensive gallery on his website. He believes there are two narratives being played. One is the Military Industrial Complex UFOs are a threat narrative. Yet when is your threat actual an attempt to exchange information and warn governments. That is the contact narrative and it understood that this narrative operates independently from the UFO cover up we are currently seeing that raises important issues.

For some reason Tony cannot talk about all of his experiences as it is dangerous ground. He believes that there is an information civil war going on between those who know and key decision makers in the US government, on this Tony is blunt in his opinion. For some veterans of Area 51 (another area of controversy) believe that the Allies won the low tech war but German won the high tech war. You can hear Tony’s interview about Area 51 on UK talkRADIO here.

over 20 separate objects not aircraft traversing at totally different transits, a good successful sky watch. But what was actually going on in the skies above.? Tony like some kind of military briefer tells us of the Air Picture he is seeing based on a liaison with UFOs spanning over forty years.

“As a UFO contactee spanning forty years a distinct modus operandi is apparent, I can paint an air picture of what is going on in the skies above. Separate from the narratives at play. Why do I witness two UFOs chase of another ?. Why were they constantly circling us ?. Two reasons. One we are watching two types of ET groups as if one is Russia and one is NATO but they are alien. Two the UFOs circling the sky-watch were doing this to observe what we might discover. Sure enough two big flashes appeared that I believe was from another ET group. And so the circus continues. I expect to film them shortly.”

I am in two minds about what Tony says is it fantasy or is he describing some activity that humanity is not aware of from the skies above, I tend to believe something with the UFOs is going on around him. He describes the dreams he had of the first UFO that he then filmed in 1999 and the consequent Dr Strangelove antics he received.

Tony dreamt of this a few days before it turned up. Triggering Dr Strangelove antics upon him from a covert group. This craft comes from a base in the ocean. I am fascinated to note Tony believes it is not human. Image analysis concurs it is a UFO.

He has had recently, visions of the next UFO he shall film. He knows where. He does not know when, also the vision shown to him was that of a UFO that ET would class as a version of a Chinook helicopter, but only Tony’s camera will tell the truth on the matter. As I reflect I realise that Tony has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the UFO subject, his experiences in dealing with paranormal espionage are just as shocking and I wonder if I am dealing with a unique Ingo Swann, or paranormal Jason Bourne figure. Perhaps if there is a Pamela Landy out there she might read the file to Tony, of what has gone on, because it would be Pamela saying to Tony, “Get some rest, Tony. You look tired.” For this brave man who has stuck his neck out with tremendous conviction, has paid a price that one cannot put into words. He was the carer for his mother for 8 years, she had a most unpleasant medical condition that broke Tony’s heart as son looking after mother. He lost his mother, he moved to house and had major hernia surgery all in the same year. Some very bizarre visions occurred after the operation of communication with those in the UFOs he told me, that is for another article. His conviction and strong manner make him the thinking ladies man. He has my utmost respect.

A UFO as seen over the sky watch at Wales. It is not an aircraft silent with no strobe sequence.
A UFO believed to be akin to what is seen in the pacific over takes a UAV at great speed. Tony believes we are being signalled to. These are very unique national security matters.
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