Check out the Most FAMOUS UFO Sightings Ever Recorded! From strange lights in the sky to mysterious objects caught on tape, this top 10 list of paranormal sightings might be proof of alien life!

8. Lubbock Lights
In 1951 there was an unusual formation of lights spotted over the city of Lubbock, Texas. A handful of scientists and professors were observing the night sky, and as they did, they noticed something quite odd. There were glowing lights in the sky in a V- formation passing overhead. They reported seeing about 15-30 blueish-green lights passing overhead and since they were all trained in scientific reasoning, they figured the lights would reappear, and they did! they were in a semicircle, and they were going quite fast.

7. Belgian UFO Triangles
One of the problems with UFO sightings is that usually there are only a handful of people who see them, which makes it sound less credible. After all, if one person saw something in the sky, it’s easy to discount. But if say 13,500 people saw them? Yeah, that’d get your attention, wouldn’t it?

6. The “Battle Of Los Angeles”
Even before the infamous Roswell incident (which don’t worry, it’s coming up!) there were sightings and reportings of UFO-like phenomena that couldn’t be explained. And one of the most famous and widespread ones was the “Battle Of Los Angeles”.

5. Abducted
When it comes to the most famous abduction stories, it’s hard to top what happened to the Hills.
In the year 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were driving their car from Canada to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. According to them, they saw a strange light in the sky and pulled over to take a closer look. Next thing they knew, they were 35 miles further along in their trip and it was several hours later.

4. Coming In On Radar
Air Traffic controllers help pilots land safely, control the flow of airplanes on the ground and in the sky, and talk to pilots about flight paths and weather. However the amount of stress caused by the job means that air traffic controllers have to retire at age 56. Besides all of that, there are many things that happen in the sky that they just can’t explain.

3. Rendlesham Forest
Sometimes the best UFO sightings are ones that even the people who see them can’t explain. That’s why they stick out in people’s minds. They see something, have no idea what it was, and that unknown fear makes them think of aliens. Since we can’t explain it, must be something very strange indeed! It can happen to anyone! This is exactly what happened at Rendlesham Forest in England.

2. Roswell
Ah, Roswell. Where would our alien obsession be without you.
In 1947, a rancher named William Brazel was roaming around his pastures in New Mexico. As he did, he stumbled upon something he didn’t expect. It was wreckage of some kind, but he didn’t recognize some of the parts. Being a responsible guy, he called in the wreck, and that’s when things got weird.

1. The Nine Blue Lights
I’m sure you were surprised that Roswell wasn’t number one, but in fact, there was an incident with “aliens” just a few weeks before that. And it was this incident, not Roswell that kickstarted the fascination with aliens and everything that can with it. So what started it all, you ask? Why, a man seeing nine blue lights in the sky.