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Tony Topping Exceptional Human Experiencer UFOs & Aliens │  Creative Director │ Broadcaster & Author.

Filming with Team Netflix for my documentary A Hero’s Journey


Uniquely different to anyone else in my subject field. From my encounters to my rare DNA Haplogroup. Engaging with the UFO phenomena spans fifty years. The benefits to a production team are extensive with imagery and footage of UFOs I have filmed, incorporating image analysis and DNA analysis. My narrative has a shocking human interest story involving contact with aliens. The alien encounter experience and impact on mental health is a factor. My digital art is inspired by my close encounters. There is high probability while filming of going real world encounter quickly as a UFO turns up on scene. Extensive knowledge of UFOs. Defining the UFO friend or foe situation. Author of thw book I, Alien Memoirs of a UFO Spy.  Netflix documentary completed called A Hero’s Journey.

Media Credits:

Netflix, Nub TV, ITV This Morning Contributor, Lads Bible, The One Show, Channel 4, Channel 5 for alien animation and voice over, BBC 2, Sky Arts, Sony Pictures, E4 Tattoo Fixers when producers gave me a tattoo for the unusual I have led, contributing to BBC TV, News, radio shows across the UK and Coast to Coast, Fade to Black, across the globe writing for Australian Paranormal Magazine Oddities, Outer Limits, and French magazine OVNI and Italian Magazine.

My book I, Alien: Memoirs of a UFO Spy reinvents the wheel of how stories of extraterrestrial contact are told. From the clash of angelic forces to collision among the alien forces in the skies above. It is truly a read that will take your breath away and have you in tears. The Chronicle element of the book details from 2001 to present my continual involvement in a story of an advanced alien communication network,  I call Hypernova where the future speaks to yesteryear and where human military agencies not governed by time clash with each other and establish communication with alien forces.

One of the things that sets the artwork apart is its focus on female extraterrestrial beings. Many depictions of aliens in popular culture tend to be genderless or male-dominated, so Tony’s artwork provides a fresh perspective on what beings from other worlds might look like. And, as you’ve noted, there’s a sense of familiarity to these women – they look like us and we look like them.

There is an ethical and moral implication, some look truly alien, some are perfect as if to fit a sexual fantasy of a human being. What hides behind this perfection is it something we should be wary of as humanity moves into space.

I have found sharing stories of extraterrestrial encounters can often be met with skepticism, suspicion, and disbelief, even resulting in ridicule and ostracism. And yet, I stand firm in my belief that my ET encounters are real and not a figment of my imagination. The experiences are too detailed, complex, and vivid to be the product of a human mind.

I have explored the possibility of lying about these encounters and the consequences of doing so. Being straightforward with details and specifics that make up my interactions cannot be conjured up or fabricating, creating something akin to reality is difficult to achieve. Lying cannot incorporate the many distinctive experiences, covert elements, and long-term after-effects of these events, which are too intricate and comprehensive to fabricate entirely.

These interactions with non-human intelligences were not just an imaginative exercise. They encompassed aspects of physical interaction, personal memories, emotions, and challenges that have molded me into the person I am today.

The concept that these encounters may be the product of a clever lie with a broader, more devious purpose is not valid. The complexity of the details, range of experiences, and comprehensive aspects of these contacts make their supposed fabrication highly unlikely.

The sophistication, complexity, and evocative features of these ET encounters are too vivid, compelling, and significant to be a lie. The thought that these encounters could be someone else’s creation or a product of my imagination is implausible. The extraordinary events that one cannot possibly devise fabricated would have left any creator’s mind perplexed. The only possibility remaining to consider is the reality of the situation, which is something that cannot be ignored

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